Friday, 20 November 2015

Netflix Recommendations #1

This weekend is going to be a cold one up north, so all the more reason to snuggle up with some good television.

Orphan Black

If you love mysteries

Don't start this series if you have plans or it's nearly time to go to sleep because you'll be gripped! Sarah sees a woman, who looks exactly like herself commit suicide. Desperate for answers and a way out of her dangerous life she takes on the woman's identity, with even more dangerous consequences.
The lead actress is amazing at playing a whole cast of characters, all with completely different looks and personalities, and as the story unfolds you become more and more engrossed. I've finished season 2 but unfortunately Netflix don't have the next season to stream - #netflixproblems! It's been a few days and I'm already having withdrawals...


If you like sitcom/comedies like Arrested Development

This comedy about a study group at a community college takes a while to get into. The humour can be subtle and self deprecating, unlike typical canned laughter sitcoms, but it's worth sticking it out. The characters are so diverse: loveable but annoying teacher's pet Annie, smooth talker Jeff, Britta the try-hard rebel and my favourite Abed, who likes to believe his whole life is a television show. I love the originality in Community. As the seasons go on themed episodes are introduced, like the yearly college paintball tournament or a episode where the characters are shown inside an old Nintendo style game. Definitely worth a watch.

What are your favourite television programmes of the moment?

Love Georgia xxx

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