Thursday, 6 August 2015

eBay Wishlist #1: Make-Up Brushes Under £2

A collection of the eBay bargains I'm lusting over, with a focus on make-up brushes because you can never have too many when they're this reasonable!

1. Pro Kabuki Make-Up Face Brush - £1.88 (free p+p)
For the low price, I'm very tempted to give this Nars lookalike a try, as it looks the perfect shape to multi-task as a blush/powder/bronzer/highlighter brush.

2. Small Blending Eyeliner Brush #231 - £1.21 (free p+p)
I'm always lusting after that smoked out bottom lash line or intense outer corner look, which would be easier to achieve with a brush like this. Also you can never have too many eye brushes!

3. Powder/Blush/Foundation Brush - £1.55 (free p+p)
This type of brushes are all over eBay, with a strong resemblance to Real Techniques brushes. I already have a couple of these (review coming soon), along with an actual Real Techniques brush and I find them all to be top quality. I love my Real Techniques Blush Brush for a light dusting of contour or bronzer but I'd love to try this brush for a more sculpted look.

A lot of the best (and cheapest) make-up brushes and tools on eBay come from East Asia e,g, China, Hong Kong, which may put you off placing an order but I've personally never had a problem with anything I've ordered from listings like these. eBay uses PayPal as their payment method so your details are safe but you have to be patient when it comes to delivery, as it can take up to a month for items to arrive. If you'd rather buy a similar product from a UK seller, narrow the search results to include only UK sellers but be prepared to pay more for the same products.

Love Georgia xxx

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    1. They're so underrated! I've got a few already that I love so look out for reviews coming up.

      Thanks for the comment xxx