Friday, 24 July 2015

£1 Serum? Derma V10 Derma Serum Review

I picked this up on a whim in Poundland a couple of months ago and after a quick glance at the ingredients on the back I saw nothing alarming so in it went into my already straining basket. My skin tends to be dry and dehydrated all year round so I'm always looking for those products which will give my skin some life back without costing me a fortune. Products for dry skin are always marketed as 'luxurious', 'rich' and containing high quality ingredients, therefore companies can charge a crazy amount for a tiny pot of 'wonder' cream.

Before using I checked out the ingredients online using Paula's Choice's Cosmetic Ingredients Dictionary, which is a database of cosmetics ingredients rated based on how helpful/irritating they are to the skin. When I did I was surprised by how positive the ratings for the ingredients were! A quick selection of good-for-skin ingredients in this serum are:
-jojoba oil -shea butter -castor oil - sunflower oil -antioxidants -vitamin e -urea -BHA...
And that's only a few of them. All these ingredients  hydrate the skin, lock in moisture and help to keep the skin even, so this is a powerful little tube!

I apply this twice daily, under my moisturiser, and it sinks in quickly and leaves no residue or extra shine, therefore it's perfect for using under make-up. My dry/dehydrated prone patches around my nose and eyes are noticeably less flaky which means that my foundation looks and lasts better.

I'm going to make sure I grab a couple more when I'm next in Poundland, especially as the 15ml tube is smaller than most. The price is still amazing when compared to Boot's No7 Protect & PerfectSerum which is nearly £25 for 30ml! A pound-shop bargain and hopefully the first of many as I bought a basket full of products to try, so stay tuned.

Love Georgia xxx

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