Saturday, 27 June 2015

How to Get Free Samples of Beauty Products

They're small, free and pretty useful, but how do you get free samples of beauty products?

Talk To Anyone

Not really anyone, but don't be afraid to chat with shop assistants and promotional works about products. I've been offered samples of products in certain shops after explaining my current beauty needs, for example looking to help with flaky skin or wanting to try a moisturising mask. Because I've been a genuine customer and interested in their advice and products they sell, they are sometimes happy to offer a sample of a product they recommend. Recently there was a promotional event by Prada in my local shopping centre and I was given some soaps and a free sample of perfume just for taking part, which only required choosing my favourite of the three perfumes they were promoting and listening about their new range of fragrances.

If In Doubt... Ask!

Some companies and stores are allowed and a few are even encouraged to give out samples to who they feel may be potential or existing customers, so if you're genuinely in doubt about a product then ask for a sample. An example of this situation would be if you have skin which is sensitive or acne prone and would be discouraged from buying the product because you may be worried about a bad reaction. 


As someone who works in sales, we like it when someone takes a genuine interest either in the product/brand we're selling or our advice, but it would be unfair to take advantage of this. Also, if you're asking for samples, only do if you are truly interested in trying or buying the product and not just to get something for nothing.

Where to Find Free Samples Online?

The internet is the best way to get free samples of beauty products. Many companies will advertise free samples in return for your details or following a social media page so they can keep you updated on their products and brands. When entering your details online, always be aware of terms and conditions and any boxes to tick/untick, and don't give out your information to a company if you're not comfortable. I stay away from third party websites offering samples and only trust the brands or companies themselves. 

The main websites I use to look/apply for free samples are:

Offer Oasis - updated daily with offers and free samples
Money Saving Expert Forum (Freebies Thread) - The Freebies thread on the forum section of Martin Lewis' website contains regularly updated free products available either in-stores or online.
Super Savvy Me - P&G's website focusing on their consumer products, which regularly offers free samples from brands like Pantene and Olay.
Brand's Facebook pages - I like a range of brand's on Facebook so I can be updated on their latest products and offers.

Online samples also may take a couple of months to arrive through the post so be patient and don't expect them to arrive overnight, but enjoy them when they do!

Love Georgia xxx

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