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Winter to Spring (Current) Skincare 2015: Cleansing Dry/Dehydrated/Sensitive Skin

Winter may be all bobbles hats and walks in the snow but for those of us with dry/dehydrated skin it's a constant struggle to keep your face smooth. Sadly mine turns as flaky as my beloved Greggs cheese pasties and my nose especially looks red and sore. Therefore I love finding budget products which work for my skin without breaking the bank as skincare has the reputation of doing.

The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleaning Butter - The Body Shop 

Before taking the plunge and parting with my money to discover if the hype was true, I asked for a sample to try out. This is a great tip when it comes to The Body Shop as in my experience the staff are happy to oblige especially if you have particularly sensitive or problem skin. After using the sample I was impressed so went ahead and bought the full size, although I took advantage of an instore money-off coupon from VoucherCodes as The Body Shop typically have vouchers and offers running all the time, especially on this site.

I was cautious about using this product due to it's use of fragrance and ingredients which can cause sensitivity however I've nearly finished the product and have not experienced any problems with redness, itchiness or congested skin. The way the product works when massaged in actually helps to not aggravate skin when removing make-up. as the oil rich formula visibly detaches the make-up from the skin that then makes wiping away with a warm facecloth extra gentle and doesn't require scrubbing or tugging. I would suggest using some kind of cloth to remove this as the formula is quite thick and oily which may congest skin if left on. This formula can also be used to remove eye make-up and works well on mascara. I follow one application and removal of this with a gentle cleanser, just to remove any leftover make-up, dirt or cleanser before applying moisturiser. I'll definitely be repurchasing either this or the oil formula from the same range, as it's the easiest way to remove heavy make up.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water - Boots

I love having this cleanser to hand as it works great for lazy (aka. tipsy) make-up removing or cleaning up mistakes. This can be used as a step before using a wash off cleanser, to remove the top layer of make up which is particularly useful if your cleanser of choice does not remove make up well. When compared to the Body Shop cleansing balm, more hard work is required because in my experience it takes around 3 cotton pads to remove the medium amount of make up I wear a day, compared to massaging in then removing the balm with a cloth in one go. After using this alone and not following with a moisturising cleanser, my skin doesn't feel dried out but also it doesn't feel moisturised. All in all, I wouldn't recommend using this alone everyday but it is a great first step in cleansing when wearing make-up. It also wins points because it enables make up removing in bed (super lazy I know) which sometimes is better than nothing.

I used to be faithful to the L'Oreal Micellar Water, however when this was released I compared the size and price and decided that this was a lot better value for money as it contains twice as much product for a similar price. Also if you're looking to buy either brand's micellar offerings, compare the prices because one store (whether a pharmacy or supermarket) typically has these included in a half price or third off offer.

CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser - Amazon

When trawling the Internet for recommendations of skincare for dry/sensitive skin I came across American brand CeraVe. This is my second bottle of the hydrating cleanser because it's a extremely gentle formula, with hydrating ingredients like ceramides and hyaluronic acid and also it contains no fragrance. CeraVe have a range of products which are approved by dermatologists and recommended for those with sensitive skin, and hopefully in the future they'll be more readily available in the UK.

You'd be wrong to depend on this as a make-up removing cleanser because it just doesn't do the job, although I love it for using after make-up removing products, face masks and also when I don't have any make-up on for example in the morning or after a shower. To get the best out of it, lather it slightly in damp hands then massage in before washing off.

I have bought my CeraVe products from American sellers on eBay but they're also available on Amazon, however these are also sent from America so will take around 3 weeks to arrive. The price on Amazon at the moment works out the cheapest at £9.69 with free delivery as long as the order is over £10. The prices for products from this brand, even including the inflated price due to having to import the product, makes CeraVe a competitor with other sensitive brands like Eucerin.

Facecloths - Primark and TK Maxx

Finally I always use a facecloth when cleansing twice a day. I find they're the best way of successfully removing make up, cleanser, face masks etc without upsetting my skin. Using a facecloth twice a day also helps to gently exfoliate my skin which works better for me than using a harsh scrub or a specific exfoliating product. I buy my facecloths at Primark where they cost a couple of pounds for 3 or you can usually pay a little more and get their premium cloths which are thicker and softer. TK Maxx also have good deals on sets of good quality facecloths. I make sure I have enough to change my cloth once a day or every two days and put them in the wash at the end of the week.

Have you got any recommendations for dry/sensitive skin? I'm always on the lookout

Georgia xxx

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