Friday, 13 March 2015

George at Asda Super Boost Foundation: Review and Bourjois Healthy Mix Dupe?

Last month I totally overspent. Between meals out, contact lenses and buying annoyingly expensive essentials like razor blades and toothbrush heads, I found myself holding back from buying a new Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation as my current one was nearing the end. At £9.99 a bottle, it's nowhere near the price of high end branded foundation but still I usually hold out for some kind of offer before buying. When shopping for food in Asda I spyed their make-up stands, where you can usually pick up great deals on brands like L'Oreal and Rimmel, and noticed their George at Asda range. For £4 the Super Boost Foundation stood out as something I had to try as it's been created to imitated Healthy Mix, from the similar red lid, pump, added fruit extracts and even the name.

Upon using it I found it's a good foundation, it applies ok with a buffing brush and gives a medium coverage with average lasting power and a satin finish. I do notice when applying however that the formula is less blendable than Bourjois' so I do have to quickly check it's all blended in and not gathered. It does however feel very soft after application and doesn't accentuate my drier patches.

The colour range did let me down however, as online they only have 4 colours listed but there may be more available in stores. I chose No.1 Ivory Silk as I'm pale but the colour is slightly too dark/orange for my neutral to yellow toned skin so this has stopped me from being able to wear as much. I have been using it mixed with some moisturiser as this makes the formula more blendable and sheerer in colour.  I've also had problems with the pump, however this could just be my bottle. I find myself pumping for ages with nothing coming out and instead the product comes out from underneath, and also after a while of pumping the product squirts out everywhere, both of which creates quite a mess and wastes time.

Is Super Boost a dupe for Healthy Mix? I don't think it's a million miles away but the formula is definitely drier and the colour selection is limited, especially for paler skins. Therefore I can't depend on using this everyday at the moment because the colour is too dark and I will be repurchasing Healthy Mix because I love both the colour and the formula. I will be keeping Super Boost around and mixing it with moisturiser for days when I want light coverage and pouring some out into a small pot to get around the troublesome pump.

George Super Boost Foundation - Asda - £4

This prompts the question, do cheaper foundations perform as well as their more expensive rivals?

Georgia xxx

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  1. Oh that's a shame about the colours. I'm quite pale and have dry skin so it's probably not great for me. I didn't know Asda did their own make up range.

    Debbie x