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Britney Spears Fantasy The Naughty Remix EDP: Review

First up - die hard Britney fan here. Since the Baby One More Time days I've been bopping along to her songs and in 2011 when I saw her live... it was magical! When she realised Fantasy in 2005 I was 13 years old and remember using my leftover holiday money to buy it duty free. At the time I loved it and so did many others over the years, as you would smell its strong scent everywhere from the classroom to the girls toilets on a night out. I never went back to the original for this reason but when she realised a new range inspired by this classic I was drawn back in.

Femme Fatale Tour 2011

I held off buying it originally after using up all the sample I had because I knew the price would drop dramatically from the RRP like nearly all celebrity perfumes do, as they tend to be released regularly and reduced to move excess stock unlike perfumes from classic brands like Chanel. The wait paid off as I found it in my local B&M bargains store for £7.99 just before Christmas for the 30ml size, perfect for someone like me who has loads of perfume to still use up. Both the Nice and Naughty sold out quickly in that store but they have restocked at the same price which shows the crazy mark up other stores have on perfumes! 

The Fantasy Remix range has both a Nice and Naughty version, both containing the original notes but with the lighter, fresher and fruitier notes more potent in the Nice version and the woody and musky notes stronger in the Naughty scent. I was attracted to the Naughty scent as I love perfumes with warm, woody tones that are also very sweet. 


Jasmine, White Chocolate, Orchid, Cupcake, Woody Notes, Orris Root, Musk

The lasting power of the Naughty Remix is as good as the original, as I can still smell it on myself after hours of wear unlike more expensive perfumes which disappear after 10 minutes. It's definitely not for everyone though as the combination of the strong scent and the sweet, woody smell would be too much for some but I love it. In 3-4 months I've used two thirds of the bottle and I wouldn't hesitate to buy another at B&M's price. I'm quite tempted to buy a bottle of the Nice Remix instead if it was available at the same price as the Naughty Remix is rich and heavy which works better in the colder months.

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