Friday, 6 February 2015

Collection Make Up: 3 Budget Eye Product Reviews

Before Christmas I was tempted into some purchases while in Superdrug, as they were offering a free mascara (Super Size) with a £5 spend from the stand. At one time Collection (or Collection 2000 as they were previously) were one of the cheapest offerings when shopping for make-up, however now with brands like MUA and Colour Revolution they aren't the cheapest on the market. I've tried bits and bobs over the years and always found their products to be nothing special but I had never given their mascaras a go and I was hoping to give liquid liner a go.

Super Size Mascara - £2.99

"- The only magic wand you'll need for a fabulous lash look!
- Super volumising formula and brush.
- Creates bigger, bolder and super-sized lashes."

Two coats on uncurled lashes

In reality I wouldn't describe this as particularly "super-sizing" as the formula doesn't build up enough to add extra length. My eyelashes aren't short but are straight, so although they look lifted (without eyelash curlers) they don't look that much longer or more voluminous. The brush is a bristle traditional and smaller than I would have expected for a "Super Size" mascara, but it also doesn't help to grip onto the lashes and add more formula. A decent mascara for those who like a more natural effect but doesn't live up to it's claims.

Does It All Mascara - £4.99

"Get 5 lash benefits in just 1 application with Does It All Mascara! 
- The ultimate lash wish list is now a reality: curled, volumized, lengthened, conditioned and long-lasting.
- The enhanced multi bristle rubber brush has extra spikes to deliver the maximum amount of product, coating even the shortest lashes for that wide eyed look.
- The long-lasting, conditioning formula ensures the effect lasts all day."

Two coats on uncurled lashes

In many ways, this is the complete opposite of the previous product. Firstly this claims to offer volume and delivers, however the dry, thick formula can give too much volume and give a spidery and clumpy look. Secondly, the brush is also rubber with short bristles and a rounded, spiked end which works well at not picking up too much product, allowing you to reach every lash and easily apply to the bottom lashes. I've had this mascara for a couple of months now and it's starting to dry up so I believe it's days are numbered.  There's also a stickiness to this formula which you feel especially when trying to remove it that I'm guessing is the "conditioned" part but I can't say that it's had any effect on the condition of my lashes. In the end, a good mascara for those who want quick volume, bold lashes and prefer drier formulas.

Fast Stroke Eyeliner - £2.99

"- Easy application in one fast stroke!

- Long lasting all-day colour."


I had a run in with the waterproof version of this product years ago and remember it flaking off really badly... like to the point that a quick touch and the whole thick line would be gone! That was my only experience of liquid liner that wasn't in pen form so I think I decided to give this another shot, believing that the flaking was because of the waterproof formula. The regular type is just as bad in my opinion! I still get the problem with the line just flaking off. Also I find it so difficult to get an even and straight line because of the strange formula which is wet but then dries unevenly so you end up going over the line and applying more and making it more uneven. Safe to me, me and this eyeliner in any form do not get along and I can't find any use for it.

All of these products are available from both Boots and Superdrug, who regularly have offers where the products are reduced, multibuys and gift with purchases so very budget friendly,

Love Georgia xxx

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