Thursday, 4 December 2014

Turning Over a New Leaf: Back to Blogging

This time last year I was settled into my Master's degree and feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work I had coming my way. Sadly blogging took a backseat, as a consequence of postgraduate workload and also my lack of interest in blogging, When I look back now I see that I was too preoccupied by the idea of creating a blog just like the popular ones I read and being overly critical of what my blog was. For me, beginning blogging was a way to participate in the online culture of which I was part of the audience and also to write about my interests; my little own corner of the Internet. Creating a blog was never about popularity or the benefits which seem to run alongside having a successful blog currently. Therefore in beginning to blog again I have to remind myself to focus on my own outputs and not constantly comparing these with others, however I acknowledge this is one of my downfalls in life!

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In short, I am going to begin writing for this blog again. As before I aim to post reviews of beauty products with swatches if necessary because this is what I enjoy as a reader, alongside content relating to my other interests such as television and reading.

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Thanks, Georgia xxx

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