Friday, 13 September 2013

Orabrush Tongue Cleaner: Review

Dental hygiene is sometimes overlooked by the beauty community but taking good care of your teeth and mouth saves money, pain and embarrassment in the future. I started to feel like my mouth wasn't completely fresh feeling after brushing my teeth and using mouthwash so I decided to buy a tongue cleaner. Superdrug actually had the Orabrush brand tongue cleaner for half price (around £2.50) which made it a bargain I couldn't ignore. I remember hearing about this product years ago on YouTube when I'm sure Blair Fowler used to rave about it.

The idea of a tongue cleaner is to remove bacteria from the surface of the tongue which can cause bad breath and make the tongue look discoloured. After brushing my teeth, but before mouthwash, I use the cleaner to gently brush my tongue and the small bristles collect any food residue or bacteria which you then rinse off. Pressing too hard or scrubbing can damage the surface of your tongue or make you gag slightly so a light touch is best. I typically use this after brushing my teeth in the morning or when I'm just about to leave the house and then follow with mouthwash to feel extra fresh.

Available from Amazon for £3.84 or from Boots and Superdrug stores for around £5.10

Love Georgia xxx

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