Friday, 23 August 2013

Fragrance Friday: DKNY for Men

Last summer I had the craving for a more woody scent instead of a typical sweet, fruity summer fragrance for women. I found the DKNY for Men gift sit reduced in Debenhams for under £20 and wore it all summer, especially on my holiday to Majorca so now the woody, fresh scent takes me back to the beach.

Top Notes:
Ginger and Mandarin Orange
Middle Notes:
Ivy and Juniper
Base Notes:
Sandalwood and Maple

I wouldn't say the scent is particularly unisex or feminine with strong woody and musky notes juxtaposed with fresh orange and spicy ginger. The lasting power unfortunately isn't great and the fragrance itself is even quite weak when sprayed so I tend to spray it quite a few times and top-up regularly. I'm always disappointed by fragrances from top fashion brands which are weak and don't last.

Like all the fragrances I love, it seems to have been discontinued but this means that you may be able to find it reduced or a lot cheaper in discount stores like TK Maxx.

DKNY for Men 30ml - Debenhams - £28

DKNY for Men 50ml or 100ml - Cheap Smells - £28.50 or £35

Love Georgia xxx

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