Friday, 9 August 2013

Fragrance Friday: Azure Breeze by M&S (Light Blue by D&G Dupe?)

I love perfume and like everything else beauty-wise in my life, I can't live with just one! Perfumes are expensive though so I can't afford to buy a range of perfumes for £30 or more and instead I buy a range of fragrances at different prices. Marks and Spencers have a great range of fragrances with purse sprays from £3.50 to 100ml bottles from £16 with most of their scents inspired by popular perfumes.

I bought Azure Breeze when I was deliberating buying a bottle of Light Blue by D&G which starts at £35 for the smallest 25ml bottle, a little too much for my first year student budget then. At that time, a couple years ago, the 100ml bottle of Azure Breeze was £12 which has now increased to £16. The packaging has changed slightly but the product still looks the same. The purse spray is a smaller bottle great for throwing in your handbag and the 100ml is fancier with a frosted glass bottle making it quite heavy but similar to the D&G Light Blue bottle.

"Opening with spicy ginger, crispy green apple and refreshing bergamot, with a fruity heart of beautiful rose, soft peach and orange flower, resting on a woody base. The fresh, fruity fragrance of azure breeze will awaken your senses"

I don't own Light Blue so I can't compare the scents together now but I do think the scents smell extremely alike. I love how fresh and light the smell is while still being slightly fruity and warm so I love wearing it when the weather gets warmer. The scent isn't overpowering but it also isn't very long lasting so you need a few sprays to feel like you're wearing perfume and even then the smell is weak. I remember when I've tried Light Blue that the scent was stronger but not very long lasting either. 

For the money these perfumes make a great impulse buy or present but I don't think the lasting time isn't great for the increased price of £8.50 for 25ml or £16 for 100ml but when compared to 100ml of D&G Light Blue for around £65, the prices are really reasonable and definitely worth a look the next time your in M&S.

Azure Breeze 25ml Purse Spray - Marks and Spencer - £8.50

Azure Breeze 100ml - Marks and Spencer - Currently Out of Stock Online

Love Georgia xxx

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