Friday, 30 August 2013

Maybelline The Falsies Waterproof Mascara: Review, Swatches and Demo

Straight up, I love this mascara! I've already tried the original Falsies mascara from Maybelline and was so impressed that when I needed a waterproof mascara for my friends wedding, I thought I'd give this another go and more importantly review it! This mascara is great for quickly creating volume and length whilst holding a curl. My lashes are quite straight and medium length but the Falsies creates and holds a curl without using eye lash curlers, as shown in the pictures below. However I always tend to curl my lashes anyway because I like the extra lift. The spoon shaped brush curves around the lashes making it easy to apply and really curve those lashes upwards as you're applying to get maximum curl. The brush does pick up way to much product for me so I do need to wipe it off before applying or else my lashes clump up. The formula builds volume easily so you may need to comb through your lashes if you apply too much or prefer a more separated look.

Bare Lashes

1 Coat (without curled lashes)

One good coat is enough for me everyday but if I'm wearing more make up or want more dramatic lashes I'll wear two coats. Although it doesn't give exactly the same effect as false lashes, the effect is still voluminous, dramatic lashes. I actually didn't feel bare without false lashes for my friend's wedding, which sometimes can happen when I want to feel completely glamorous and 'done'.

2 Coats (without curled lashes)

The waterproof formula does make this a lot harder to remove so if I was looking for a regular mascara I would buy the original formula again. It did hold up to the waterproof claims at my friend's wedding where it was a warm, long day with a few tears shed. If you've never tried The Falsies and you love dramatic lashes, then you're missing out!

Maybelline New York The Falsies Volum' Express Mascara in Black Waterproof - Feel Unique - £7.59

Also available from Boots, Superdrug or any store with a Maybelline stand.

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Love Georgia xxx

Friday, 23 August 2013

Fragrance Friday: DKNY for Men

Last summer I had the craving for a more woody scent instead of a typical sweet, fruity summer fragrance for women. I found the DKNY for Men gift sit reduced in Debenhams for under £20 and wore it all summer, especially on my holiday to Majorca so now the woody, fresh scent takes me back to the beach.

Top Notes:
Ginger and Mandarin Orange
Middle Notes:
Ivy and Juniper
Base Notes:
Sandalwood and Maple

I wouldn't say the scent is particularly unisex or feminine with strong woody and musky notes juxtaposed with fresh orange and spicy ginger. The lasting power unfortunately isn't great and the fragrance itself is even quite weak when sprayed so I tend to spray it quite a few times and top-up regularly. I'm always disappointed by fragrances from top fashion brands which are weak and don't last.

Like all the fragrances I love, it seems to have been discontinued but this means that you may be able to find it reduced or a lot cheaper in discount stores like TK Maxx.

DKNY for Men 30ml - Debenhams - £28

DKNY for Men 50ml or 100ml - Cheap Smells - £28.50 or £35

Love Georgia xxx

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Nails of the Month: July 2013 featuring Sinful Colors, Models Own and Barry M

I was so late with my Nails of the Month for last month that I thought I'd be more prompt with this months offering! To see my Nails of the Month for June click here or to view all of my Nails of the Month posts so far click here.

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint in Greenberry

I have already reviewed Prickly Pear, a purple shade, from the Gelly range here. I fell in love with Greenberry when the range was first launched as it's a unique bright green/blue shade. It's definitely a colour which will attract attention as the colour is practically neon and I've had compliments when wearing it. The formula is smooth, creamy and thick which means the polish doesn't dry quickly but once two decent coats are applied the polish is opaque, shiny and lasts well with only some tip wear. If I wouldn't be filled with severe guilt afterwards I would splurge and buy the whole collection and the new summer collection but at only £3.99 each I'm sure I can sneak one into my basket at Boots or Superdrug every now and then...

Sinful Colors in Easy Going

I chose a pale pink cream to match the ivory lace dress I wore for graduation (an absolute bargain from the New Look sale!). The cream formula polishes from Sinful Colors only need two coats as they apply quite thickly but this means that they take ages to dry and will scuff easily even after they feel touch dry so not a one to apply in a hurry. For £1.99 they have a great selection of colours and formulas available from Boots so they're a great alternative to more expensive brands.

Models Own in Coral Reef with Models Own Ibiza Mix (Hed Candy Collection)

Ibiza Mix always looks more appealing in the bottle then it does on my nails. For a summer appropriate nail I chose Models Own Coral Reef as a base and added one coat of the multicoloured glitter with flakes of gold, silver and blue. I think I prefer how dense the glitter looks in the bottle compared to the sparse effect on the nails. I'm definitely going to experiment with this shade again sometime soon to find a combination I love. Both polishes are available from Models Own or Boots stores for £5 each.

Models Own in Tropical Sun

I bought this last year from the Beetlejuice collection and it is one of my favourite summery polishes so I couldn't resist cracking it out when the temperature went above 15 degrees! The formula is a sheer metallic so sometimes I use a cream coral or peach as a base to make the shade opaque but I decided to use 2 coats alone. A full review of this polish I wrote last year is here. Available from Models Own for £5.

Love Georgia xxx

Friday, 9 August 2013

Fragrance Friday: Azure Breeze by M&S (Light Blue by D&G Dupe?)

I love perfume and like everything else beauty-wise in my life, I can't live with just one! Perfumes are expensive though so I can't afford to buy a range of perfumes for £30 or more and instead I buy a range of fragrances at different prices. Marks and Spencers have a great range of fragrances with purse sprays from £3.50 to 100ml bottles from £16 with most of their scents inspired by popular perfumes.

I bought Azure Breeze when I was deliberating buying a bottle of Light Blue by D&G which starts at £35 for the smallest 25ml bottle, a little too much for my first year student budget then. At that time, a couple years ago, the 100ml bottle of Azure Breeze was £12 which has now increased to £16. The packaging has changed slightly but the product still looks the same. The purse spray is a smaller bottle great for throwing in your handbag and the 100ml is fancier with a frosted glass bottle making it quite heavy but similar to the D&G Light Blue bottle.

"Opening with spicy ginger, crispy green apple and refreshing bergamot, with a fruity heart of beautiful rose, soft peach and orange flower, resting on a woody base. The fresh, fruity fragrance of azure breeze will awaken your senses"

I don't own Light Blue so I can't compare the scents together now but I do think the scents smell extremely alike. I love how fresh and light the smell is while still being slightly fruity and warm so I love wearing it when the weather gets warmer. The scent isn't overpowering but it also isn't very long lasting so you need a few sprays to feel like you're wearing perfume and even then the smell is weak. I remember when I've tried Light Blue that the scent was stronger but not very long lasting either. 

For the money these perfumes make a great impulse buy or present but I don't think the lasting time isn't great for the increased price of £8.50 for 25ml or £16 for 100ml but when compared to 100ml of D&G Light Blue for around £65, the prices are really reasonable and definitely worth a look the next time your in M&S.

Azure Breeze 25ml Purse Spray - Marks and Spencer - £8.50

Azure Breeze 100ml - Marks and Spencer - Currently Out of Stock Online

Love Georgia xxx

Monday, 5 August 2013

Recent Reads #1: Catlin Moran, Dragon Tattoo and Lynne Spears

I love reading so I thought I'd share my thoughts on the books I've read recently.

How To Be A Woman - Catlin Moran

Amazon - £3.86

I really didn't know what to make of this book. I bought it to read when I was thinking about basing my university dissertation on the subject of representation of women in the media so I hoped it would inspire my study of ideal representation of women in modern media. This book begins as more of an autobiography with the author taking you through the main 'female' events in her life such as periods and her wedding. I wasn't familiar with Caitlan Moran's previous work so I wasn't reading as a fan and this may have affected my enjoyment of her more personal stories. 

I bought this book in August last year and only finished it in June of this year as I became uninterested and bored with no drive to finish it. The last few chapters, in particular the one discussing abortion and the writer's experiences weren't easy reading. After I finished this book I didn't feel like I'd greatly benefited in any way, which is a shame as I really wanted to love it. I also found a lot of her views contradicted each other throughout the book which affected my interest in her opinion. I had expected more discussions of modern day feminism and representations of women and instead found this book was autobiographical with a few thinking points thrown in, therefore in the future I want to discover more texts relating to modern feminism.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo - Stieg Larsson

Amazon - £3.85

I finally got round to reading this book! It's been on my to-read list for years and when the English-speaking film was released I vowed to read the book before seeing the film. At first I wasn't that taken in by the story or the characters as the story is really slow to start, with too much description of the political and financial world in which the story is set. However once Lisbeth Salander is introduced and her and Mikael's stories are intertwined the story starts to become more compelling. The last 100 pages especially were so good that I read them all in one sitting and I'm excited to read the second book The Girl Who Played With Fire. 

Now I've finished the book I watched the 2011 film with Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara and was surprised by how much I enjoyed it, as most films based on books don't stay true to the original story and therefore lose something. If you don't have the time or interest in reading the book and persevering through the slow parts, I would recommend watching the film as it explains the story and the characters in a simpler way but doesn't lose any of the elements from the book. The cinematography is gorgeous and I really enjoyed the portrayal of the characters so I'm excited to see the Swedish trilogy of films once I've read the books.

Through The Storm - Lynne Spears

Amazon - £9.34 or from £2.39 used

I'm a massive Britney Spears fan so I've wanted to read this book since it came out but was too embarrassed to buy it, so imagine my excitement when I spotted it in Poundland! Through The Storm is Britney's mother Lynne's account of her marriage, motherhood and life from small town family life to dealing with her children's lives being lived out in the tabloids. I've previously read two Britney biographies so I already knew a lot of her story but I really enjoyed hearing it from her mother's point of view. However some of the stories or chapters relate more to Lynne and her parent's or friends which didn't really interest me but I suppose are what makes this book less of a tell-all story about her treacherous relationship with her ex-husband Jamie Spears and her famous children.

This book is an easy read with short chapters so you could read it in a day if your a fast reader or read a couple of chapters when you have the chance. I don't see this appealing to non-Britney fans but I love anything relating to celebrity media which discusses the negative side of fame so I loved the second half of the book relating to Britney's breakdown and Jamie-Lynne's pregnancy. If your intrigued by this subject I'd recommend Britney: For The Record, a great documentary showing behind the scenes of Britney at home with her family and filming music videos and contains an initmate and revealing interview where she talks about her 'breakdown' and her life now.

Love Georgia xxx