Thursday, 25 July 2013

Nails of the Month: June 2013

June was an inconsistent month for nails with only 3 images to show for it! I've become lazy and uninspired with painting my nails leaving me for most of the month with *gasp* unpainted nails! I finally got round to transferring my many polishes into better storage so hopefully I'll get a jolt of inspiration soon.

If you missed last months Nails of the Month it's right here for your viewing pleasure.

Revlon Lilac Pastelle with Models Own Southern Lights

Ah what a dreamy combination. I'm not too familiar with Revlon polishes even though they're highly coveted so I expected better opacity from Lilac Pastelle but the colour is still gorgeous. I love the combination of the pale purple and purple glitter, if you can already tell I love purple nail polish! 

Southern Lights and other polishes from the Wonderland Glitter collection are currently available on ASOS for £3.50 so that's pretty snazzy if you fancy a glittery treat. Revlon polishes are available on most Revlon stands in stores and from Boots online.

Models Own Pro in Freedom Peach

Freedom Peach is a gorgeous nude peach limited edition shade (boo), but the formula makes it a range I wouldn't buy from again. I've never understood why this Models Own Pro polish doesn't live up to the consistent quality of the main range, from which I don't think I've ever bought a bad polish. I also cut my nails into a more rounded shape just to mix it up but I was too scared to go for extreme pointed nails!

Models Own Pro polishes are available at Boots for £3.20 instead of the original £8 so I'm guessing the range is being sold off and discontinued.

Nicole by OPI Kardashian Kolor in Wear Something Spar-Kylie

I reviewed this polish not long after I started my blog last July here (forgive the terrible images please) and thought I'd wear it for my birthday this year again. I love how two coats will look pretty much opaque as the polish has a mixture of pink glitters and a sheer pink base. The only negative I find is that it chips easier then most glitters I've tried so it's not the best for wearing for longer than a couple of days.

Nicole by OPI has just been introduced at some Superdrug stores. Although I haven't seen this colour they do have the current Modern Family collection and the main range of colours. The polishes are £7.99 each which makes them pricier than my beloved Models Own but I would be prepared to buy from this range again especially if they were on offer.

The Kardashian Kolor collection is still available on eBay here for £6.50 with free P+P!

Love Georgia xxx

Monday, 8 July 2013

Bertie: Puppy Update at 1 Year

Soon my little man will be turning 1 and I can't believe it'll have been 8 months since we brought home a tiny puppy! 

September 2012

It's amazing to see how much he's grown and changed over this time and how this little pup has affected mine and my family's lives. Our first dog was a rescue Greyhound and when he died five years ago we weren't sure when the right time would be to adopt another dog. Last September my family decided that the time was right to get a puppy, as a new experience. Getting a puppy (or adopting any dog) is harder than I first thought and it's a decision not to be taken lightly. Between vet’s bills for injections and neutering, new coats, collars and beds as well as buying dog food, it's not been cheap or easy. Therefore, I'm glad to have pet insurance in case anything happens to my furry friend which is outside of my control, especially as Bert loves to search for trouble.

December 2012

When we first got Bertie he was 8 weeks old so we didn't know what to expect. We chose to get a Jack Russell/Chihuahua cross, which we thought would be a mixture of low maintenance breeds but even though he’s a small dog, he still needs lots of exercise, attention and stimulation. Not enough of any of those and he becomes frustrated, destructive and hyperactive and he’s not afraid to say! However it’s a massive difference to the whimpering pup we brought home who was anxious of everything (especially the hoover). Poor Bert is still anxious of people and dogs he doesn't know but at the same time he likes to act like the big man and bark at them! In the future we’re hoping to take him to more dog training classes to encourage him to socialise more with other dogs and people, as well as teaching him obedience and hopefully, if he progresses well in his training, agility.

May 2013

There’s no doubt that as a family, we've slightly spoiled Bert which is so easy to do. This means that he likes to get his own way but with a face that cute, how could you not spoil him? I'm glad as a student I have plenty of time to spend with him during the summer break and I'm looking forward to taking him for lots of walks and enjoying the sunshine together. In July he’ll turn 1 and start leaving the puppy stage of his life and become an adult dog but he’ll always be my little pup. 

Love Georgia xxx

Friday, 5 July 2013

Fragrance Friday: Impulse Body Sprays in Very Pink, Very Very Pink, Into Glamour, Loving Words and Love Puzzle

Stock up when 99p or 3 for 2, which is most of the time if you shop around. Great for popping into bag for school, uni, gym, beach, nights out as they're lighter and less likely to break than perfume bottles. The fact that they're always on offer also makes it more tempting to try out the other scents! If some of the scents smell similar to popular perfumes from well known brands it may be because Impulse scents are developed by Ann Gottlieb, who has created perfumes for Calvin Klein and Marc Jacobs.

Grapefruit, Vanilla, Roses and Red Berries

 Girly and sexy; smells similar to CKIN2U because of the grapefruit notes.. I've repurchased this many times in the last couple of years because I love the scent so much. It's sometimes packaged with a Barry M lipgloss which is also nice and smells similar to the bodyspray.

Very Very Pink:
Orange, white musk and sandalwood

Warm, musky and slightly masculine - love, love love! I'd love to find a perfume/aftershave which smells similar to this because it's one of my favourite scents to wear, especially in the summer. Might not be to everyone's taste but I'd recommend having a sniff if you don't like scents which are really sweet or fruity.

Sandalwood and Vanilla

My newest purchase. The scent isn't overly complicated but is sweet and warm with a mix of vanilla and sandalwood (two of my favourite scents). I remember when The Saturdays used to advertise this a long time ago (video here), Una looks so fierce!

Floral and fruity

Both Loving Words and Love Puzzle were impulse (haha get it?) buys but I've never warmed to them as they smell too floral for my liking, possibly because they containing gardenia scent. I prefer Loving Words as it's fruitier and Love Puzzle smells sharper but they're both very similar. I've had these for over a year and only used them once or twice so I think it's time to find them a new home with one of my friends.

The scent of these body sprays or 'body fragrances' aren't really long lasting so I wouldn't expect the same staying powder as a strong EDP, however some perfumes especially EDTs are disappointing in how long they last on the skin. If sprayed directly onto the wrists these last 2-3 hours but I usually use these as an all-over spray. I typically use these on really casual days when I'm leaving the house to walk the dog or I don't want to wear a strong smelling perfume because I'm going to be travelling for a long time in the car for example. I use to top-up if I apply a similar perfume in the morning but I don't want to carry the large or heavy bottle around.

Love Georgia xxx

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Nip + Fab CC Cream and CC Eye Fix: Review and Swatches

On first sight I thought Nip + Fab's new CC range of products sounded amazing, claiming to moisturise while giving good coverage. Also the CC (colour corrector) formula claims to improve on the original BB idea of skincare and base combined by correcting any discolouration, redness or dark circles.


-Hyaluronic Acid and Oat Extracts for Moisturisation and Smoothing
-Light Diffusing Pigments
-SPF 30
-Colour Correcting
-Shine Free
-Smooth Application

Like most BB/CC creams, this is best applied with fingers to really blend ir into the skin but I still couldn't get this to work for me. The formula feels similar to other BB creams and foundations but then thickens and stiffens up once applied to the skin making it impossible to blend.  My skin type is dry/dehydrated with some normal patches, however I've been keeping it under control with a new skincare routine so it shouldn't be too much of a problem for a 'hydrating CC cream'. The formula felt drying on my skin and clung to existing dry patches and highlighted dryness I didn't even know I had so badly that I wouldn't feel comfortable wearing while wearing this. I found the formula of the CC cream similar to the Rimmel BB Cream (review), which also seemed to sit on top of my skin and wouldn't blend, although I would prefer to use the Rimmel BB.

Left to right: CC Creams in Light and Dark, CC Eye Fix in Light and Medium.

The colour also doesn't match well with my skin, even though it was the lightest shade. The undertone is too pink/peach so I looked sunburnt when I wore this and any drier patches dried to a lovely shade of orange. I also received the Dark shade to mix to get my perfect colour but I didn't need it as the Light shade wasn't all that light! The formula is quite thick for a BB type cream and it covers redness and other imperfections well but it dries to a heavy, matte finish which doesn't look natural on my skin. I know my friend uses BB creams as bases underneath her foundation to keep away oil or to build coverage but I personally couldn't do that with this product, however someone with oilier skin may find that works great for them.

Onto the CC Eye Fix which again sounded like an instant winner to hydrate and brighten my under-eye area, whilst covering dark circles. The product itself is similar to other highlighting/under-eye concealer products, which are usually a little cheaper and give better coverage and highlighting. This doesn't do much to camouflage my dark circles but may be more suited to someone who needs their under-eye area brightening and moisturising more than covering.  Of the two shades I prefer the Light shade, as it does bring some light to my under-eye area and cupids bow, but I was disappointed that the medium shade was beige toned instead of more peach/orange toned to counteract blue/purple dark circles.

Overall I'm not too impressed with this range, especially as the prices are quite high however the products may suit others with different skin types/needs better.

Nip  + Fab CC Cream - Boots - £14.99

Nip + Fab CC Eye Fix - Boots - £9.95

Love Georgia xxx

*DISCLAIMER: I received these products as I am part of the Boots product testing panel. Some products are sent for me to try as they fit the profile I have given, and others I can apply to try. Boots receive these products from brands that are available or about to be available in Boots stores so for the panel members to try and review on Panel members do not receive financial compensation or incentives for reviewing the products online. I have chosen to share these products on my blog as I feel the reviews for products I post on would be relevant for readers of this blog. I started product testing for Boots before I started my blog. Being sent a product for free doesn't change my opinion of it or of the brand. I was asked to join the testing panel after I posted a number of reviews on