Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Haul: The Body Shop and Boots 22/3/12 (and freedom!)

I was so happy to hand my final project on Friday the 21st that I practically skipped home. On my way to the bus stop I spotted a sale in The Body Shop where some of their stuff has been reduced so it's well worth a look if you like their products. I know they have these sales and offers on a lot so these weren't a bargain that I needed to snap up but I've nearly finished two of my favourite Boots Extract body butters.

I went for Almond, which is one of my favourite scents for body products, and Sweet Lemon, which I'd always wanted to try from The Body Shop, for £5 each. At the till I was impulsive and grabbed the matching shower gel too for £2. These both smell yummy, a real treat. The Almond Body Butter is in the older packaging and I've seen these before at outlet and factory shops, but it was sealed so I'm not worried about the formula. I wish they'd had more things in this scent because I would've got more! I've had a chance to try them both out and the Almond one isn't as buttery in texture as the Sweet Lemon scent but both smell really good and sink into the skin really quickly. My bank balance might not be happy I splashed out on these unneeded treats but I sure am!

Boots had sent their advantage card vouchers in the post with money off the new Seventeen mascara but when I got their they'd all been nabbed - darn. There was also a voucher to get any Seventeen eye shadow, trio or cream shadow for £1 so I chose nude. I gave this a try and I was surprised at how nicely it applied and lasted with a primer underneath because I have really oily eyelids. I can't wait to use this more because they're only £3.99 full price so I'd be happy to buy more if they work well for me.

Almond Body Butter - The Body Shop - £5 in store (not listed online)
Sweet Lemon Shower Gel - The Body Shop - £4 or £2 in selected stores
Sweet Lemon Body Butter - The Body Shop - £13 or £5 in selected
Seventeen Wild Metallic Cream Eyeshadow - Boots - £3.99 or £1 with voucher

Love Georgia xxx

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