Friday, 26 April 2013

Gucci Guilty Black Pour Femme Eau de Toilette: Fragrance Friday

I love perfumes, body sprays and even the occasional men's fragrance so I thought I'd start a new feature to encourage me to review some of the ones I have. Opinions on fragrances are subjective and personal but I like hearing out new releases, bargain buys and all-time favourite fragrances so hopefully these reviews will be helpful and interesting. 

This week I'm starting with Gucci's newest release: Gucci Guilty Black.

Pretty bottle and box: impossible to photograph

I remember smelling the original, which is in a similar gold bottle, and liking it initially but finding it too floral. I was excited to receive this variation of the original scent as Gucci Black is described as sweeter and more sensual. Like the original, I like the scent but it doesn't captivate or excite me in the way that my favourite scents do. Also fragrances with strong floral notes can smell overwhelming to me as I wear them so I've got to be in the mood to wear a scent like this. Gucci Black also has notes of red berries and raspberries, which the original does not and helps give it a sweeter smell. It also has the original notes of pink pepper, peach and patchouli so it's still similar for fans of the original. I don't find this scent as sexy or sensual as the branding and product description suggest but that could be down to the lack of notes that I associate with these feelings: typically musk, vanilla and woody smells.

However although I find this quite strong when first applied, the lasting time is poor (2-3 hours) and the sillage isn't as strong as I'd expect, which is disappointing for a £40 perfume from a high-end brand like Gucci. I know Gucci brought out an intense version of the original guilty scent but it's disappointing when a scent doesn't seem to last.

The bottle is gorgeous, similar to the original but in black gloss with contrasting red glass so the liquid inside appears red. Although the outside glossy coating feels like plastic, the bottle itself is weighty and glass and doesn't feel flimsy or cheap. However because the scent doesn't last a long time it is annoying that the bottle is so heavy because even this 30ml bottle would significantly weigh down my bag if I wanted to carry it for top-ups.

Overall this is a sweet, fruity and floral scent in a gorgeous bottle but for the price I'd expect better lasting time. Because this scent is supposed to be sexy and sensual I would expect it to be more like an EDP and have sweeter notes that last longer on the skin. I definitely prefer it to the original Gucci Guilty and the appearance and branding of the product is pretty stunning too.

Gucci Guilty Black Eau de Toilette 30ml* - Boots - £40

Also view more information on this perfume at Fragrantica, my favourite place to find information and reviews for fragrances.

Love Georgia xxx

*DISCLAIMER: I received these products as I am part of the Boots product testing panel. Some products are sent for me to try as they fit the profile I have given, and others I can apply to try. Boots receive these products from brands that are available or about to be available in Boots stores so for the panel members to try and review on Panel members do not receive financial compensation or incentives for reviewing the products online. I have chosen to share these products on my blog as I feel the reviews for products I post on would be relevant for readers of this blog. I started product testing for Boots before I started my blog. Being sent a product for free doesn't change my opinion of it or of the brand. I was asked to join the testing panel after I posted a number of reviews on

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Primark Natural Look and Sultry False Eyelashes: Review and Demo

If you shop a lot in Primark you might have seen these on displays in the queue for the till. I thought for £1 I'd give them a try to see if they could be a cheaper alternative to Eyelure or Ardell fake lashes

They come with adhesive but I found that it didn't stick as well as the one that comes with Eyelure lashes so I used that instead. The lashes have a more plastic like texture than more expensive brands but are better than lashes I've bought on eBay for around 10p a pair. I usually go for lashes with an invisible, thin band because I don't like the band to take up a lot of lid space and need to be covered with thick black eyeliner, however these do have black bands. The bands are quite thin though so they don't require too much covering over. With eBay lashes I'd always find the bands didn't bend easily so it was difficult to get the lashes to fit the eye contour but these have especially bendable bands. However I did find that both of these pairs sat heavier on my eyes than the typical brands I use, which can be irritating as you wear them, especially if you wear contact lenses or have sensitive eyes. 

Like with any false lashes, it's always best to measure them on your eyes to see if any lashes need to be trimmed from the outside ledge but these also require the loose edges trimmed where the lashes haven't been finished off properly (you can see this on the natural lashes as they new but the Sultry had been worn before - but they're definitely reusable).

I applied each set of lashes on my eye with one thin coat of mascara and black gel eyeliner and then added some eyeshadow to try and show what they'd look like on a more finished eye.
Products Used:
Maybelline Gel Liner in Black
Seventeen Peep Show Mascara
Seventeen Wild Mousse Cream Shadow in Wild Nude

The Natural Look lashes are a mixture of longer and shorter individual lashes to give a separatedlengthened look without looking too dramatic. I like this style to make my eyes look larger without overcrowded my eyes and making them appear smaller. 

The Sultry lashes have groups of thin individual lashes, getting longer towards the outside of the eye to create a wispy but voluminous look. Initially I thought these kind of resembled the Ardell Demi Wispies. I don't think these flatter my eye shape as much though because they seem to shorten my eye vertically and flick out quite dramatically at the outside of my eye, which never looks quite right on me. I think these would look better if I applied them more into the inner corner of my eye to stop them flicking so far out.

And here's the Sultry lashes when I wore them for a night out.

Overall I think these are great for £1 especially if you go through lashes quite quickly or need to save a bit of money. I do see the difference in quality between these and Eyelure for example but in the end they still look good and give a similar effect. I'd definitely buy these again, especially if I saw more natural pairs or ones with invisible bands.

Natural Look Lashes and Sultry Lashes - Primark - £1 a Pair

Love Georgia xxx

Thursday, 4 April 2013

17/Seventeen Peep Show Mascara: Review and Demo

This mascara is totally an Ultimate Addiction: one of my favourite products. I'm currently on my second tube! I was initially drawn in by the claim of 'lengthening fibres' and I'm so glad I was because I love the effect. My lashes always look longer and separated when I use this. I also find that this doesn't clump as easily as other mascaras and doesn't smudge or flake either, which is always a good thing.

The brush is a simple bristle brush works with the formula really well and isn't too big for my eyes. I much prefer doing a coat of this on my lashes to get them all lengthened and separated and then adding a thin coat of Maybelline The Falsies to give a bit of extra drama, which I find a lot harder to work with. The only downside of this is something I have a problem with when using a lot of mascaras: the brushes pick up too much formula. I always scrape off the brush on the rim of the tube or else it's mascara overload for me!

Bare Lashes

One Coat

Two Coats

I've finally managed to get my hands on the new Seventeen mascara called Dolled Up which I had a voucher to get for only £2 so I'm excited to try that out once The Falsies and Peep Show both bite the dust. I have high hopes.

Seventeen Peep Show Mascara - Boots - £6.29

I finally got round to having a little fiddle with the design of this blog: rejoice!

Love Georgia xxx

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Haul: The Body Shop and Boots 22/3/12 (and freedom!)

I was so happy to hand my final project on Friday the 21st that I practically skipped home. On my way to the bus stop I spotted a sale in The Body Shop where some of their stuff has been reduced so it's well worth a look if you like their products. I know they have these sales and offers on a lot so these weren't a bargain that I needed to snap up but I've nearly finished two of my favourite Boots Extract body butters.

I went for Almond, which is one of my favourite scents for body products, and Sweet Lemon, which I'd always wanted to try from The Body Shop, for £5 each. At the till I was impulsive and grabbed the matching shower gel too for £2. These both smell yummy, a real treat. The Almond Body Butter is in the older packaging and I've seen these before at outlet and factory shops, but it was sealed so I'm not worried about the formula. I wish they'd had more things in this scent because I would've got more! I've had a chance to try them both out and the Almond one isn't as buttery in texture as the Sweet Lemon scent but both smell really good and sink into the skin really quickly. My bank balance might not be happy I splashed out on these unneeded treats but I sure am!

Boots had sent their advantage card vouchers in the post with money off the new Seventeen mascara but when I got their they'd all been nabbed - darn. There was also a voucher to get any Seventeen eye shadow, trio or cream shadow for £1 so I chose nude. I gave this a try and I was surprised at how nicely it applied and lasted with a primer underneath because I have really oily eyelids. I can't wait to use this more because they're only £3.99 full price so I'd be happy to buy more if they work well for me.

Almond Body Butter - The Body Shop - £5 in store (not listed online)
Sweet Lemon Shower Gel - The Body Shop - £4 or £2 in selected stores
Sweet Lemon Body Butter - The Body Shop - £13 or £5 in selected
Seventeen Wild Metallic Cream Eyeshadow - Boots - £3.99 or £1 with voucher

Love Georgia xxx