Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Kimberly by Elegant Touch Body Products for 99p!

I remember reading posts some time ago about Kimberly Walsh from Girls Aloud releasing a range of body products with Elegant Touch but I never took much notice of them in stores. However when I was in Superdrug I spied these on the bottom shelf for 99p so I had to take a chance on them. I'm guessing they're being sold off as when I looked at the original prices online they were £7.99 each, which is quite a lot for a brand that isn't known for body products.

I went for the Illuminating Body Butter and the Nourishing Body Scrub and when I went for a cheeky sniff in-store I thought the scent was nice.  My Superdrug also had the Illuminating Body Oil Spray for £1.29, I think, but I'm not keen on body products with shimmer. Anyway, this isn't supposed to be a proper review, just a heads up to anyone interested but once I tried these on and smelt them properly, I don't like the scent. At first I thought they smelt like coconut but they also have a strange, musky scent I can't explain so maybe have a proper sniff before you buy.

They won't be wasted though as I'm sure I'll get some use out of them, the scent isn't really strong but I'm glad I didn't pay £7.99 each!

Love Georgia xxx

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