Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint in Prickly Pear: NOTD, Review and Swatches

I always gravitate to purple nail polishes so Prickly Pear was an obvious choice from the new Barry M Gelly range. A unique pastel purple with tones of blue and grey. I love the formula of the original Barry M Nail Paints so I was excited to see how these matched up.

Firstly I found the formula quite thick which made it hard to apply neatly and meant it took a while to dry fully. I also found I preferred three coats of this as I found two coats chipped easily. These are long lasting and 'hi shine' on the nails though I think I left this colour on for nearly 7 days with only a little bit of tip wear. I'd be happy to work with the formula and the longer drying time to get the amazing finish and long lasting colour. I also have the shade Green Berry, somewhere between a turquoise and jade green, which looks really bright and shiny on the nails but I had the same problems with the formula.

Barry M Gelly Hi  Shine Gel Effect Nail Polish - Boots - £3.99

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Love Georgia xxx

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Sinful Colors have arrived in the UK! Nail Polish Haul, Swatch, First Impressions and Review

After a dull morning at uni my friend wanted to take a short-cut through Boots to see if they had the new Revlon Lip Butter shades; they didn't. But even better was the surprise and exhilaration I felt when I spotted a stand of Sinful Colors nail polishes for the bargain price of £1.99! Before this I had quickly looked at the usual make up stands but had to walk away when I saw Boots were having a massive 3 for 2 but I thought it would be wrong to resist Sinful Colors, who I've heard about online from American YouTubers and Bloggers.

The colours I chose were Be Happy, Easy Going and Cinderella. Boots in Eldon Square Newcastle had  two large stands and even though they'd only been released that morning I think, there were already some shades out of stock. I can tell these are going to be my new favourite treat as for £1.99 they have a range of cream, metallic and glitter formulas in so many different colours.

Apologies for the quick, messy swatches
Left to right: Be Happy with Cinderella, Be happy, Cinderella, Easy Going, Easy Going with Cinderella

I applied them all quickly to see what they looked like on before choosing a one to wear properly on my nails. They applied well and I found the formula similar to Models Own, I just had to make sure I wiped the excess off on the rim as the brush picks up a lot of polish. The shape of the brush was easy to work with and in two coats both of the cream shades looked opaque and even. The sheerer, shimmer colour Cinderella was ok at two thick coats but didn't set properly and consequently chipped, but three thinner coats worked better. As shown in the image above, I did try it over the other two colours which gave it more opacity and a different look.

Easy Going: Pale, pink cream finish. Great for people who like their pale, pastel nail polishes to be opaque as opposed to sheerer. May look harsh on darker/more tanned skintones though if you don't want a stark, light nail.

Be Happy: Mint green, cream finish. Similar to Barry M Mint Green but applies so much better!

3 Coats

I decided to wear Cinderella on my nails because it was so unique; a pale, sheer blue with an iridescent pink and gold shimmer. The name's understandable as this is similar to shade of Cinderella's dress in the Disney film.

Sinful Colors Nail Enamel in Be Happy and Easy Going - Boots - £1.99

Sinful Colours Shimmer Nail Enamel in Cinderella - Boots - £1.99

Or see the full range of finishes at Boots

These are on 3 for 2 mix and match with other cosmetic and haircare products at the moment and I bought them with my advantage card points so double win! 

I really wanted to call these polishes Sinful Colours with the UK spelling but I've resisted!

Love Georgia xxx

Friday, 15 March 2013

Follow Me on Bloglovin and Hello Cotton (Google Reader Closing?)

I just thought I'd log into my Blogger account to see why I suddenly had gained two followers on Bloglovin tonight and apparently Google Reader is shutting down at the beginning of July. Therefore if you use Google to follow my blog or any others, it's probably a good idea to transfer over to another blog reader. I like Bloglovin but I never fully transferred over, however when I logged in tonight it prompted me to transfer my followed blogs and bish, bash, bosh it's as easy as that. I still count myself as a new blogger so I'm a little sad that I may lose some lovely followers, especially now I've passed 50 followers! But hey, these things happen so pick your blog reader of choice....

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As always if you have a blog, leave the link down below and I'll be sure to give it a look and a follow.

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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Models Own Pink Fizz with Accessorize Fudge: NOTD and Swatches

Nail polish really does brighten up my day so with my dissertation deadline looming and a stupid exam on Tuesday afternoon I popped these beauties on while watching Girls and after a long bath catching up on shaaanxo's vlogs on Monday night. I really know how to treat myself

Glitter polish always makes me happy so I decided on Models Own Pink Fizz with Accessorize Fudge as a base because I hate seeing too much nail through glitter. I have a separate post on Accessorize Fudge here which is a gorgeous colour. I've actually shown Pink Fizz in a NOTD before with a different base here and I've just had a little flashback reading the post that goes with it.

There's about a week until my dissertation hand-in, which is a scary and worrying thought but I'm also really excited to concentrate on other things especially this blog. I think I just don't feel like writing when it's become such a chore from associating it with uni work. Anyway I shouldn't worry too much, it'll all be over soon.

And as the friend says in Sixteen Candles:
"Would you stop feeling sorry for yourself? It's bad for your complexion!"

True dat, I have a whopper of a spot on my chin.

Love Georgia xxx

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Kimberly by Elegant Touch Body Products for 99p!

I remember reading posts some time ago about Kimberly Walsh from Girls Aloud releasing a range of body products with Elegant Touch but I never took much notice of them in stores. However when I was in Superdrug I spied these on the bottom shelf for 99p so I had to take a chance on them. I'm guessing they're being sold off as when I looked at the original prices online they were £7.99 each, which is quite a lot for a brand that isn't known for body products.

I went for the Illuminating Body Butter and the Nourishing Body Scrub and when I went for a cheeky sniff in-store I thought the scent was nice.  My Superdrug also had the Illuminating Body Oil Spray for £1.29, I think, but I'm not keen on body products with shimmer. Anyway, this isn't supposed to be a proper review, just a heads up to anyone interested but once I tried these on and smelt them properly, I don't like the scent. At first I thought they smelt like coconut but they also have a strange, musky scent I can't explain so maybe have a proper sniff before you buy.

They won't be wasted though as I'm sure I'll get some use out of them, the scent isn't really strong but I'm glad I didn't pay £7.99 each!

Love Georgia xxx