Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Primark Haul: A Few Essentials? 30/1/12

I popped into Primark last Wednesday after an extremely boring lecture for a bit of retail therapy and to get some new jeans because my blue jeans are now too big *air punch*! Of course I couldn't resist a few other goodies so I thought I'd share them as I know I love seeing Primark hauls.

Skinny Jeans in Vintage - £9

I'll start with the jeans. Firstly I got the pair on the left, a classic blue denim perfect for spring/summer. However I didn't try them on in store and when I got them home I realised they're not the Primark Super Soft kind I like and just their Skinny type. They're a stiffer material like typical jeans and I wasn't keen on how they felt on, which is sad because I love the colour. Think I'm going to hold out for a similar colour in the Super Soft type and return these. I'm all about the comfort!

Super Soft Skinny Jeans in 'Retro Look' - £11

As well as looking for a lighter, classic blue colour I also wanted a pair in this darker denim wash. These Super Soft jeans feel a lot softer than typical jeans and stretch a lot easier a bit like jeggings. Primark do these in a range of colours, sizes and lengths so there's a pair for everyone. 

Studded Clutch Bag in Blush - £6

Obviously not an essential buy but somehow this little beauty ended up in my hands! I've been resisting getting one of these since I first saw them but I couldn't resist the nude faux leather colour with gold studs. It maybe not as versatile as the black one but I tend to wear black a lot when I go out so I'm trying to avoid adding more.

Slouchy Stretch Jumper in Pink - £6

I love these jumpers; I've already got one in the grey marl colour which appeared in this Primark haul and since then I've worn it loads. They're so cheap at £6 but really soft and slouchy so perfect for cold days out or wrapping up to go into uni. They're a little sheer so I tend to wear a vest underneath mine but I love that these keep you warm but aren't too stuffy at the same time. I hadn't seen this colour in these jumpers before so I think Primark must have brought out new colours for spring as there was also a gorgeous duck egg blue colour which my friend bought too. 

Black and White Fade String Top - £6

A quick addition from a quick dash I did around Primark a couple of weeks ago. I was desperately hunting for an outfit to wear for a friend's birthday night out and had no luck so I quickly grabbed this in Primark thinking it would be perfect for a more casual going out look. It actually ended up snowing so badly that any plans for a big night out were exchanged for a night in the pub so I just wore this with a burgundy vest underneath tucked into denim shorts with biker boots. The material is strange as the strings feel kind of spongy and plastic but it doesn't look as unflattering on as it does on the hanger.

I've loved Primark for ages now (since back in the day when my mother could spend £50 and come away with bags and bags of stuff) and I really like how they've continued to create great fashion for a lot less than other shops. Their customer service could use a bit of work but I'll forgive them for that one thing!

Love Georgia xxx


  1. I've heard so many good things about Primark!!! I want to go there, but I don't live in England :( they don't happen to have an online store do they?

    1. They don't have an online store at the moment. Hopefully they'll make one in the future xxx