Tuesday, 19 February 2013

MUA Professional Eyeshadow Trio in Innocence: Review, Swatches and Looks

This is without a doubt the best value eyeshadow trio you can buy. For £2.50 you get 3 gorgeous metallic shades which can be worn separately or together in different combinations to get a different look. I've had this for ages now and I always go back to it for daytime or night-time looks.

I'd compare the finish and formula of these to metallic shades in Sleek palettes. They apply smoothly with a shiny, metallic finish, as if you've used a wet brush, so it would be really easy for beginners to get the perfect smoky look. I wouldn't have expect baked eye shadows to apply so softly and with so much pigmentation because they're typically quite hard to apply and dry in texture. If you're a fan of matte shadows or ones with a slight sheen, these probably aren't for you though as they definitely bring the shimmer!

Like with any type of eyeshadow, I always apply Urban Decay Primer Potion underneath to stop my oily eyelids creasing any eyeshadow. I find they last the normal amount of time on me without creasing, around 6-8 hours.

The lightest shade is a champagne colour, which is always useful to have for highlighting and also as an easy all over lid colour. These eye shadows are super shimmery so I wouldn't use as an under eyebrow highlight unless I wanted a really dramatic look. MUA also do a similar single eyeshadow shade for £1 called 'Shade 1'.

The middle shade is a lovely gold which isn't too warm or too cool toned so should suit most skintones. I'd heard that this is similar to Mac eyeshadow in Patina but I can't confirm that as I don't own it.

The darkest shade is a red toned brown with a green duo-chrome, which I've heard is similar to/a possible dupe of MAC eyeshadow in Club. I'm pretty sure this is the same or similar to one of the MUA single shadows, Shade 12 I think, if you just wanted this one colour.

I thought I'd demonstrate how this trio can be used in different ways to get three different looks. Not too shabby for £2.50!

These photos make the lighter two shades look really sheer, unfortunately my camera sees shimmery eyeshadows and goes 'ooh shiny!'. Also I was experimenting with the lighting and camera settings but I think I may have finally mastered them *fingers crossed*

This is the kind of look I wear daily now, if I'm wearing eyeshadow at all. A light lid using the lightest shade with the darkest shade smudged into the lashes and blended slightly upwards. I also used a mixture of the middle and darkest shades on the bottom lash line but that's not necessary if you don't want a smoky look.

Next is the middle shade all over with the darker shade added into the crease for warmth and definition. I also used the darkest shade underneath and the lightest shade in the inner corner and added gel liner on the top lashline, waterline and tightline.


Finally I used the darkest shade all over and underneath the eyes with the lightest colour in the inner corner and added eyeliner again. This is a great one for all eye colours as the darkest colour is so complex that it brings out all eye shades.

For these looks I also used:
Maybelline Gel Eyeliner in Brown
Maybelline The Falsies Mascara

MUA Professional Trio Eyeshadow in Innocence - MUA Store or Superdrug - £2.50

Love Georgia xxx


  1. These colours are stunning. I've tried MUA before but after reading this, I just might - great review!

    Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog, I’m your newest GFC follower!

    Jo x

    1. The MUA eyeshadows are amazing, they have some great basics and unique colours in their £1 range. Thanks for the comment and the follow, it means alot xxx

  2. Your eyes are stunning xx

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  3. The middle shade is really beautiful x

  4. I love MUA eyeshaddows they are such good quality for the price!

  5. The darkest shade really rocks. And so does the mascara (That's because of your lashes. When I wear mascara, my lashes look like normal people's lashes without mascara).
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