Friday, 18 January 2013

My Favourite Fitness and Health Channels

Last August I realised my weight was making me feel more uncomfortable than it had for a while. The combination of a long break from university and a holiday had meant that my weight crept up making my clothes tighter and I felt heavier and bloated. After watching this video from Shaaanxo I downloaded MyFitnessPal for my iPod touch and realised how simple counting calories could be. A combination of smaller portions, less unhealthy choices and occasional exercise has meant that I've lost at least a stone (stupidly I didn't weigh myself or take measurements when I started!). Now I've lost a lot of the excess I'd put on I want to focus on exercise. I've never been that physically fit so I want to improve my cardio endurance as well as tone up all over.

So if you're wanting to feel healthier or fitter for 2013, here's a couple of great online resources to help which don't cost as much as a gym membership.


The best at-home routines I've found on YouTube. A mixture of Pilates and cardio with videos based on songs like 'Call Me Maybe Squat Challenge' or specialised toning like 'Victoria Secret Arms'. They're quick and relatively easy to do but I feel the burn the next day.

Great workouts and motivation from two personal trainers. Not bad to look at either. John is also the Pixiwoo sisters' brother so you may already recognise him.

Girlfriend of Leon from The Lean Machines so her channel has workouts and exercises especially for the areas women want to tone as well as health and motivation advice. She's also open to talk about health problems that women have including constipation so nothing is off-topic.

Quick, simple tips from nutritionist Keri Glassman from the best foods to keep you full or how to eat the right portions. Livestrong Woman also has workouts and other videos to check out.

I'm also going to write a post about my favourite apps for losing weight and fitness soon.

Love Georgia xxx

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