Friday, 16 November 2012

Wishlist: Tiny Gold Cross Necklace as Seen on Britney Spears

A couple of months ago I went for it and finally bought the infamous sideways cross necklace that was popular on YouTube a year or two ago, made famous mostly by Lollipop26/Laura from Buy Now Blog Later. I've been wearing that necklace every day; I love how dainty it is and how it goes with any outfit. 

And now I've found a new necklace to lust over.

I've seen Britney Spears wear this style of tiny cross necklace lately on X Factor USA or when she's at press events and again I really love how small and understated it looks. I noticed that she also likes to layer it with a sideways cross necklace and when I first spotted this it's sad to say that I was quite excited. 

It would be an understatement to say I'm just a casual Britney fan and I love seeing her doing so well on X Factor.

A similar necklace I've found is by Morgan Prather on Etsy, which is where I bought my sideways cross, and it's 14k gold filled. The price and postage cost are reasonable and this necklace becomes especially tempting with the great US dollar to UK pound conversion rates.

Who knows, maybe this will be flying it's way over from the US to me sometime in the future. I think, like Britney's, I would have the tiny cross on a shorter chain so that it sat higher up than the sideways cross. I love the layering look and I know a lot of high street shops, even Primark, have started doing small necklaces for layering but I always find the metal in those ones irritate my neck, can leave a green stain and then the jewellery goes rusty, so a gold filled necklace for me is a better investment.

Tiny Cross Necklace in Gold by Morgan Prather - Etsy - $21/£13.60 (With P+P to UK approx. £16.19)

picture from Godtidote

I had to include this flawless picture. Sorry.

Love Georgia xxx

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  1. her necklace looks like a Roberto Coin Tiny Treasures.