Thursday, 22 November 2012

Free Models Own Nail Polish or Lip Gloss in More Magazine!

I've been buying More magazine weekly for the last 3 weeks because I'm hoping to examine and discuss it in my dissertation. So just imagine my joy when I saw that More were offering a free gift this week, which you don't get a lot with a weekly magazine! There's a choice of two different Models Own nail polishes or lipglosses but my Superdrug only had one colour of each so you may have to search for the other colours. I don't know the names of the lip glosses, and I've haven't any of their make up products as of yet, but there looked like there's a pink and a coral colour available to anyone who fancies them.

I fully recommend Models Own nail polishes so this is definitely a good deal. Their polishes have a great consistency and formula and because they're usually £5, you're saving £3.50 per polish by getting the magazine for £1.50!


The colours on offer are Raspberry Crush which is the colour I chose. I haven't tried it on my nails yet but its a raspberry pink, cream finish. The other colour is Nude Beige, which I resisted getting when I saw it on another copy of More in Boots later because it reminded me of Accessorize Fudge that I already own.

The main story on the cover made me laugh too. I doubt very much that Kristen desperately wants to have R-Patz's baby imminently and this is the perfect example of the crazy, old fashion representations of women in these awful magazines. But hey, atleast I got to enjoy the 'Come To Bed Ed!' feature.

Chuck Bass or not, he's a bit of a dish!

Love Georgia xxx


  1. Oool that pink is gorgeous xx

  2. Rasberry crush looks gorgeous, love a free nail polish x