Sunday, 28 October 2012

Boots 3 for 2 Buys: Skincare and Models Own Wonderland

Sanctuary Polishing Hot Cloth Cleanser

My Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish is just about to run out and I found it very similar to this Sanctuary one so I decided to buy it for the 3rd time. I'm going to try it out again, because I liked it so much the previous times, and write a review for it. It's a couple of pound cheaper than the Liz Earle and you get 25ml more when compared to the 100ml bottle. Sometimes Boots even give out vouchers for £5 off Sanctuary skincare, which makes this even more of a bargain.

Eucerin AQUAporin ACTIVE Moisturising Cream Rich

Again my Eucerin Dry Skin Relief Face Cream is also coming to the end so I wanted to picked up another while the 3 for 2 was on. When I got to Boots they didn't have any in stock which is understandable as it is a great product for dry skin that I've seen results with (review coming soon). In the end I decided on this one after chatting to the sales assistant about the range. This cream is similar to the previous one I had but it uses new formulas to help rehydrate the skin. My face isn't dry all over but I have dry, flaky patches and my skin can be quite sensitive so I like to go for products which are going to keep it hydrated. I'm excited to see if this is as great as it sounds.


Models Own Nail Polish in Southern Lights (Wonderland Collection)

I don't even feel like I need to explain this one - it's just beautiful. I think the 3 for 2 at Boots is separate for make up products and skincare, haircare etc. so my friend was getting two make up items and I was getting two skincare so I chose an extra make up item and she chose a skincare item. I seriously looked on every make-up stand that was included for a more useful product than nail polish but there was seriously nothing that I thought was worth buying and the new Rimmel releases were either sold out or had been opened. Back to the polish, it's a beautiful multicoloured glitter with a sheer purple base.

I haven't gotten around to using it yet but I'm sure I will soon. I love it when great nail polish can really brighten up your day, especially during busy times at university/school/work.

The Boots website still has the 3 for 2 offers listed but I don't know when they run until. It's always a good reason to go and stock up or treat yourself!

Sanctuary Polishing Hot Cloth Cleanser - Boots - £10.20

Eucerin AQUAporin ACTIVE Moisturising Cream Rich - Boots - £13.50

Models Own Nail Polish in Southern Lights (Wonderland Collection) - Models Own - £5

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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Accessorize Nail Polish in Fudge: NOTD and Review (Autumn Addictions)

This was one of those love at first sight polishes (who am I kidding, every polish I buy is love at first sight!). Anyway, I was captivated by the colour of this, it's a nude pink but with the right amount of brown/slight purple tones that make it look so demure without looking dull. If my nails had to be one colour for a while, I'd have to choose this even though I love a glitter or bright nail.

Now we're into Autumn, I've swapped wearing so many pastel polishes for these more toned down shades. I love this on medium length, well shaped nails because the colour's really flattering and goes with everything. Admittedly it also makes me feel grown-up!

Also, this polish is only £4! The consistency isn't as good as my beloved Barry M and Model's Own but it's not far off. This has to have 2-3 coats or else it won't look even. I tend to put this on in thicker coats or else it goes on streaky as it's a thick polish that dries quickly.

Accessorize Nail Polish in Fudge - Superdrug - £2.95 (Normally £4)

Love Georgia xxx

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Gosh Soft and Shine Lip Balms: Review and Swatches

As you may have already gathered if you've previously visited my blog, but I'm a bit of a lipstick fiend. So just imagine my joy when I found these beauties in the clearance box at Newcastle's Superdrug. I didn't buy these all at once either, I think I bought 1 when they were reduced to £2.99 each, then was so impressed that I went back and dived in to find two more. Then just recently, a couple of months later, I realised the bargain bin was back but they were reduced to 99p and I found Sweetheart and Irony, which are probably my two favourites at the moment.

I'd only heard about this line from Gosh once before a couple of years ago on A Little Bit Obsessed before they were discontinued but the price (£7-8ish) put me off. I'm much happier having bought three of them for £2.99 and the other two for 99p, but it's a shame they've discontinued this range especially now that every other brand is releasing other similar products. You may still be able to find these in Superdrug clearance boxes or bargain bins but hopefully Gosh have discontinued these to reformulate them and release these or a similar product again. 

After all the hype for the Revlon Lip Butters, I don't think I was the only one who was a little bit disappointed by how frosty they were and their general formula. Overall I prefer this line, there were more shades that I haven't tried and I only own one Lip Butter but have swatched the rest of the line.

The formula of these is very creamy and has lots of slip on the lips. The finish of these vary from shade to shade and I'll specify below which have shimmer or glitter shade. I found the Revlon Lip Butters to be frosty but I find the shine and any shimmer or glitter on these balms to be a lot more flattering. The vanilla scent of these is divine and very similar to Mac lipsticks.


The packaging is very sleek and slim so they're great to keep in your handbag and I haven't found the lids to be loose, which is a pet hate of mine because then gunk can get into your lipsticks.

These are labelled at lip balms but it's hard to tell if they do have any moisturising properties however they are very creamy and I haven't found them to dry out my lips. I've been wearing Irony, shade 40, to work lately where my lips tend to dry up really badly, especially if I'm wearing any lip colour, and I've found that the creamy formula keeps my lips feeling comfortable.

The colour pay off you get from these is a softer version of what is on the bullet because of their soft, shiny formula. This makes them really wearable for everyday and the brighter colours aren't as intimidating and fit in more with a natural look.

Barbie - 30

This is definitely one of my favourite colours from the range, a beautiful Barbie-esque pink but doesn't look chalky as it has a cream, shiny finish. 

Passion Pink - 31

I love this fuchsia pink colour but I was quite disappointed by the glitter in this one. I find it looks chunky and out of place on the lips and when the product wears off you're left with silver glitter on your lips, so I don't tend to wear it as much.

Soft Touch - 37

When I bought these, most of the shades were sealed so it was hard to judge what kind of shade would be inside when they've got ambiguous names like 'Soft Touch'. I expected this to be a more peach/natural shade but it has a more red/brown tone with no shimmer or glitter (the swatches below represent this shade better). Even though that isn't what I don't usually go for, I actually looks nice now we're into autumn and these tones are more on trend for lips.

Sweetheart - 39

Even though I usually stay away from lip sticks with lots of shimmer, I really enjoy using this shade. It's a light coral pink with a gold shimmer which looks nice alone or over the top of a pink or coral shade to add a gold sheen.

Irony - 40

I've probably used this shade the most even though it was one of my recent additions. As I said above, I wear it a lot for work because the formula doesn't make my lips feel dry in the air conditioned shop but also because it adds a nice bit of colour to my lips, without being too bright or looking overdone.

No Flash

With Flash

Gosh Soft and Shine Lip Balms are currently discontinued in the UK. Some Superdrug stores may have some in a clearance stand so ask in your local store if you can't find them, as you might be able to pick them up for 99p each! If not you may be able to pick one up on eBay, from time to time, or possibly in shops or on stalls where discontinued and discounted make up is sold.

Love Georgia xxx

Monday, 15 October 2012

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Yellow Kitty and Sheer Me Now: Review

Now if there's something in the world I don't really need but will always feel the need to buy, it's nail polish. I love the different colours and finishes they come in and I'm always pulled in by a bargain price.

I picked up two Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure polishes in the colours Yellow Kitty and Sheer Me Now for £1.99 each from a discount make up stall in my local shopping centre. I'd heard good things about this range, thought the colours were perfect and the prices were a steal so it would be rude not to try.

Unfortunately I didn't get on well with these polishes. I don't know if the pictures fully translate how terrible these both looked on my nails. Firstly the formula is thick but doesn't provide enough coverage and dries uneven, especially the lighter of the two. I used 3-4 coats when I used these and the coats dry slowly so they are impossible to get even and finished in 2-3 coats under 20 minutes, like most polishes. I didn't find the staying power great on these either as the uneven finish made it easier for the polish to chip.

Moving on to the colours, I fancied a lemon yellow polish because I don't own anything similar and Yellow Kitty just didn't work with my skin colour. It doesn't look too frightening on the pictures but the true colour is more like the colour shown in the first picture in the bottle, as it has a slight green tone. 

Colour shown in bottle here is the most true

Not the real colour but just to show the awful finish

Onto Sheer Me Now, a pale cream nude colour which I thought looked very Essie-esque and something different to try. Again I was so disappointed in this polish because even after 4 decent coats, it still appeared transparent and uneven, not like the elegant colour I'd imagined. My nails looked like I'd painted them in with watered down Tipex like I was back at school!

When I researched these on MakeUpAlley, I found that people either love them or hate them. Some find the thick formula gives an even finish and longer staying power and others have had the same problems as me. I wonder maybe if the formula depends on the colour you purchase or whether the formula differs from bottle to bottle?

Love Georgia xxx

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipstick in Raspberry: Review and Swatches (Autumn Addictions)

 Sorry for the lack of blogging in the last couple of weeks. A mixture of looking after my new puppy Bertie, starting my final year at university and catching up with friends, has meant that I've had less time to sit down and blog.

I thought today I'd show a great budget buy lipstick for autumn, as part of a new series of posts featuring lipsticks and nail polishes perfect for Autumn through to Winter.

photo courtesy of

I first spotted this lipstick on a blog years ago called The M Face and then decided to treat myself because it was so cheap. Natural Collection lipsticks have had a lot of praise from the beauty community, especially the nude shades, and it's not hard to see why.

The colour of this lipstick is a flattering raspberry colour, so it's an appropriate name, with a cream finish and no shimmer. 

I'm definitely going to be using this throughout this Autumn/Winter because it gives a really effortless, natural berry colour and isn't drying on the lips.

The pigment is good but because of the moisture shine formula, it can be applied lightly or more heavily for the more intense colour like in the swatch above or on the bullet.

The packaging of the Natural Collection lipsticks may not be the best or fanciest but it does the job. I also don't find this lipstick to have an awful, artificial taste like some brands *cough Rimmel and L'Oreal*.

Natural Collection is sold in Boots, as it is a Boot's own brand range, and most of the products are £1.99. I think their lipsticks are £1.99 but I'm not sure, as it sadly isn't available online at the moment. The Natural Collection range is usually 3 for £5 as well so either way it's a nice pick me up whether you're on a budget or not.

Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipstick in Raspberry - Boots - £1.99

P.S Boots are currently having '3 for 2 across 1000s of skincare, No7, cosmetics, mens & indulgent bathing', I'm getting excited just thinking about it now.

Love Georgia xxx