Sunday, 30 September 2012

Quick Tip: Getting The Last Drops From Liquid Foundation

It's quite frustrating when you go to use your liquid foundation and are met with a few drops to cover your whole face, even though the bottle looks full. 

Annoyingly liquid foundation tends to sit round the sides of the bottle so it's hard to retrieve but feels wasteful to throw away.

I've found a good way to get the pesky remaining foundation is to stand the bottle in a small jar or container and give it time to move. Some foundations can easily be stored upside down if they're nearly empty because they have a flat lid, like Revlon Colorstay, but my Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum has a pump and a rounded lid. If the bottle will happily stand in the pot, I just check on it every so often and lift up the bottle to let the gathered product fill the pot. 

The product you end up with in a small pot or jar may not seem like a lot but the foundations I like are around £10-£12 a bottle so I like to feel like I get every last drop. I used this to drain the remaining product from my Revlon Colorstay foundation and filled about a third of a small jar but it was so useful to have out on my dressing table to use to quickly add more coverage when I've applied a less coverage foundation.

Because I bought the storage jars ages ago on eBay, I can't trace the exact listing or seller but these ones are pretty similar from a UK seller and there's different sizes and amounts available. They're also great for storing lipsticks, pigments and for giving samples of products you love to friends.

10x3g size - eBay - £1.79 (+75p P+P)

Love Georgia xxx

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