Sunday, 9 September 2012

NYC Show Time Mascara: Review and Pictures

NYC says: "If you take one thing with you on your big night out let it be this: new NYC New York Color Show Time Volumizing Mascara. It gives up to 8 times instant and extreme volume for your most dramatic eyes ever. There's no drama in the price though. So get ready, because tonight is showtime!"

 I received this as a present so I was excited to try it, as I've never tried an NYC mascara or much from the NYC range. NYC (New York Cosmetics) is available at selected Superdrug stores, supermarkets and pharmacies with all their cosmetics under £4, including foundations, nail polishes and lipsticks.

Bare, uncurled lashes

1st coat and 2nd coat

After 2 good coats of Showtime my lashes look dramatic but not too clumpy or overdone. Personally I feel 2 goods has given some volume to my lashes and a good curl without lash curlers. The curl held pretty well too. 

The brush is a bristle brush which applied the mascara fine but I really had the urge to further separate my lashes with a lash comb. I can't comment on any lengthening properties because my lashes are naturally quite long. A small problem I had was that I don't like mascaras that flake during wear and this did flake a small amount over the day, but not terribly.

Overall I feel this is a good mascara for the price and I would buy again if I was on a tight budget. I don't know of many decent mascaras under £3 but I hope to try out more in the future. Mascara expires quickly (thrown away after 3-6 months of use or immediately if there's infection on the eyes) so not everyone is comfortable with spending a lot of money on one.

NYC Show Time Volumising Mascara in Black - Superdrug - £1.99

Love Georgia xxx


  1. Oooh, this looks so good! Especially for the price of £1,99! And you have amazing eyelashes! :))


    1. Thanks, I didn't even realise it was only £1.99 until I went to write this post because it was a present. It's a real bargain xx

  2. I have it and it's superb :) following u Chk out my blog too