Saturday, 11 August 2012

Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss in Strawberry

I was tempted to buy this after I saw it on Tanya Burr's (Pixi2woo) blog, and possibly a tutorial too, last May. I was a little disappointed after I'd worn this a few times though because I find the glitter in the formula too much. However there's no doubt that this a beautiful colour and a hard one to describe as sometimes it looks more orangey red, then a pink red and other times has a pink/blue sheen. The pictures Revlon give of this gloss show it as a pink colour but on me it definitely leans more towards a pink/red. 

Although these pictures show it alone on my lips, I do love the effect it gives over a similar coloured lipstick as it does have lots of shimmer and glitter for a really sparkly look.

I can't comment on the formula of all of the Colorburst glosses in the range but apart from my grudge with the silver glitter, it is a good formula - non sticky and doesn't smell bad. Now onto my glitter grudge, this gloss contains silver glitter which I feel makes it look a bit much for daytime wear (doesn't show as much on photographs of lips) and when it wears off, my lips are left with chunks of silver glitter on them.

The shape of the brush is different from any I've seen as it fits on the lips perfectly, however it does need wiping off or else it'll be a gloss overload. The packaging is also so cute with a Chanel style, quilted lid and I haven't had any trouble with the lipgloss leaking from the tube.

Even though I was a little let down by this gloss, I would consider buying other ones from the range but I would inspect them in store to see if they contain chunky glitter. There's a peach shade and a lilac pink one which are calling my name but they're a little more expensive then other glosses so are less likely to be an impulse buy.

Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss in Strawberry - Boots - £7.99

Love Georgia xxx


  1. The colour of this lipgloss is lovely!

  2. Such a lovely colour on you :) xxx

  3. I really like the colour, but i dont know if i'm able to withstand the glitter lol :)

    Emily x