Thursday, 30 August 2012

Ojon Damage Reverse: Restorative Hair Treatment Plus

Last month a beautiful box was delivered to my house containing four Ojon products. I've heard about Ojon products before from magazines, blogs, YouTube etc. but the price had always deterred me from buying them so I was so happy to be given the opportunity to review them by Boots.

Boots have just recently launched their premium haircare ranges online including Bumble and Bumble and Ojon, with premium haircare counters coming to larger stores in late August to September. Use this store locator to find out when these brands are coming to a store near you. Excitingly, Ojon counters will have a hair advisor to help you choose the right products for your hair type and Bumble and Bumble will have a BB Bar with a stylist!

My hair type - My hair is very long, quite thick and is cut into long layers. The length and thickness means that my ends can become quite dry however my roots need a good clean as they get oilier, quicker than the rest. The texture of my hair is generally quite soft so without the use of other products, it can be hard to get volume or texture. Naturally my hair has some wave but that depends on how it's dried and the humidity. 

Damage Reverse: Restorative Hair Treatment Plus - Boots - £32.50 (100ml)

"New lighter scent! This cult classic is now purified using an exclusive double-filtration method and fortified with nature's golden elixir plus Rouge Oleifera to create the next generation of our deeply restorative treatment. After just one treatment, it helps restore vibrant health looking health to damaged hair. Plus helps increase hair's strength against breakage. Hair is soft, silky and manageable. A must-have for lifeless, dull, brittle, frizzy, flyaway or unmanageable hair."

For me, this was the stand out product of the range of products that I tried. This magical pot contains a soft waxy product that transforms into an oily texture when rubbed together in your hands, then the oil can be massaged into dry hair. The treatment will saturate the hair, leaving it oily and greasy feeling so if you have long hair you  might want to protect your clothing from any residue. 

What's great about this product is that you can use it from the scalp to the ends of your hair unlike some deep conditioners, you just have to make sure you thoroughly shampoo it out. After the treatment has been applied to the dry hair it can be left for a short amount of time or put into a shower cap and left overnight. The instructions also say you can apply low heat from a hairdryer to assist the process.

Once the treatment has been left in for the right amount of time, depending on the condition of your hair, you can wash your hair as usual, making sure to shampoo out all of the product. 

When I used this my hair felt softer than it has with any other conditioning treatment. My hair's pretty soft anyway therefore I only used it on the length and ends of my hair, so I thought I would get my Mam to try it out on her hair because it's damaged and prone to frizz from years of bleach. We both saw a difference in the condition and look of her hair so I definitely think this would be great for people who regularly dye their hair or use a lot of heat, as a weekly treatment. I also gave some to a friend to try and she said her hair looked amazing after she'd used it and really helped control frizz. 

The smell of this product is similar to other Ojon products, but it may not be everyone's cup of tea. This particular product has a lighter scent but you might want to have a sniff of the products in-store before buying if your sensitive to scented products. 

The price of this product is high when compared to cheaper products that claim to do a similar job but I found that this really worked and would be worth the money if I had damaged or very dry hair. It also comes in a 50ml pot for £16 which would be great for first time users.

Boots currently having a competition to win 1 of 10 Ojon hampers worth over £150! Enter here.

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Love Georgia xxx

*DISCLAIMER: I received these products as I am part of the Boots product testing panel. Some products are sent for me to try as they fit the profile I have given and others I can apply to try. Boots receive these products from brands that are available or about to be available in Boots stores so that the panel will try them out and review them on Panel members don't receive financial compensation or incentives for reviewing the products online. I have chosen to share these products, as I would like to review them for my blog as well as on I was asked to join the testing panel after I posted a number of reviews on

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