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June/July Favourites (Bumper Edition!)

I started this blog right at the end of June and didn't feel like it was necessary to do a June favourites post. Now we're getting into August I thought I'd share my favourite products of the past two months and it's a bit of a bumper post...


Cocoa Skin Therapy Oil
I found this in a 99p/bargains store beside where I work and for 99p I had to try it. This is really multi-purpose, I use it on my body alone or mix it with any sweet body lotion. You can also put oils like this into your bath to moisturise while you soak and lately I've been putting this on my face before I go in the bath and then washing off after 10 minutes or if I'm going to wash my hair.

Boots Simply Sensitive Night Cream
I'm nearly finished this up so that shows how much I love it. I have dry skin so I always apply cream before I go to bed, I love this one because it has no perfume and is super moisturising. The texture is good too, it's not really thin but not too thick so it would work for all skin types that need a bit of moisturising.

Clinique All About Eyes
I got this free with Glamour magazine maybe less than a year ago (?) and although I don't really use eye cream that much, I really enjoy this one. The full size product is £22 I think which would be a bit steep for someone like me, who doesn't really need an eye cream at the moment, to buy. I usually just use my night cream over my eyes as I use products for sensitive/dry skin anyway so my eyes don't need special attention. Anyway, the texture of this is lovely its like a smooth cream which feels light but moisturising and unlike any eye cream I've tried before.

Avene Moderate Protection Emulsion in SPF 20 for Normal to Combination Sensitive Skin
The name is a bit of a mouthful but this product was a bargain as I picked it up by the checkout of a Boots store for £3 on clearance! I'd heard great things about Avene and how they're great for sensitive skin so I thought that this product would make a cream sunscreen for under my make up in the summer and to use on holiday. I used this on holiday with a SPF 50 cream by Avene on my nose and cheeks, which I also got for around £3, as it is only SPF 20 but it's always good to regularly reapply suncream especially on the face. I use this daily under my make up and it doesn't leave my skin greasy but for oilier skin I'd probably recommend trying a one for oily skin to give some oil control during the day. This hasn't irritated my skin either, which is always a concern when using suncream on my face. Even though this was on clearance you can still buy it in Boots - random?

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream
I'd heard about this brand a lot in the last couple of months online and I like that they're products are safe for sensitive skin with 'no parabens, hard chemicals or colourants'. I bought this not long after I got back from my holiday and my skin was so dry in places it has never been dry before, like around my mouth and right across my cheeks. I believe this product really helped get rid of the persistent dry patches and I've carried on using it daily on my regular dry patches e.g. nose, between eyebrows.


Soap and Glory The Righteous Butter
The first small tub I had of this, I had to throw away because after 18 months, the smell had changed and it had gone off, however I've had this travel sized one since Christmas and I've nearly used it up in the past few months. I love the Soap and Glory smell and the texture of this is really great. For my Birthday recently I got a set with the full sized body butter and Clean on Me shower gel so I've got that to use once I finish this one up.

Boots Baby Sensitive Moisturising Lotion
This is an unscented baby lotion which I love for days when I can't be bothered to/don't feel like smell of anything. You can also mix this with perfume oils to make your own perfumed body lotion.

Sure Maximum Protection Anti-Perspirant in Original/Clean Scent
This has been getting a lot of love from bloggers and YouTubers in the last month but I've used this for over two years. I've tried other things in-between and always came back to this brand and this scent. It's a cream anti-perspirant which works like the stronger ones but with moisturising properties to stop the irritation. The smell is just clean and fresh and doesn't taint or annoy me if I start to get hot like some anti-perspirants with other scents do. Definitely a must try!


Impulse Very Very Pink Body Spray
Ahh the smell of this is amazing, I thought it would be like Very Pink but it's different, less girly with a slightly masculine smell. I love the mix of sandalwood and bitter orange and I think I currently have 3 cans of this on the go all in different bags - addicted.

Harajuku Lovers Summer in G
This smells just like a Pina Colada with notes of Pineapple and Coconut. Yum.

DKNY for Men
I bought this because I loved the warm smell of Very Very Pink and wanted something similar. It's very fresh and fruity but in a masculine, warm and clean way. I've used nearly half of the 50ml in the last 2 months I've had it, probably because I covered myself in it when I was in Spain. I'm a bit bored of the way that a lot of female scents at the moment all smell very similar so I'm definitely going to be sniffing the men's alternatives too in future.


Batiste Dry Shampoo XXL Volume
This is definitely an Ultimate Addiction! I go through bottles and bottles of this and recently when it was on offer for 99p at Superdrug, I bought 6 bottles. It's a dry shampoo mixed with a hairspray and a texturising spray. My hair is long and quite naturally soft so it needs a bit of dryness and texture at the roots or else it'll lie flat. This gives me loads of volume and texture and I use it everyday. It'll also make your hair last longer before you need to wash it again and on holiday I hardly washed my hair when I used this mixed with the effect of the salt water and heat.

Make Up


Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation in 51
I love the 10 Hour Sleep Effect Foundation for it's dewy effect so I was so excited when this was released as a more medium coverage, hydrating foundation. Like the 10 Hour this also gives a really natural effect and when blended properly is quite undetectable on the face, the colour is also a great match for me when I haven't got a tan. When Superdrug had 3 for 2 on make up I bought two more bottles of this as I love it so much.

Revlon Colorstay Foundation in 150 Buff for Normal/Dry Skin
I've been using this for 2-3 years now and I have repurchased a few times because I really love it. I used to use this everyday mixed with moisturiser for less coverage but now I mix it into a thinner foundation for more coverage when I need it. It is great for lasting power but the normal/dry skin formula also leaves a nice sheen finish on the skin.

Cosmopoliton Foundation Sponge
Ever since I've tried this, I've not really used any other brushes to apply my foundation. I spritz it with a bit of water with glycerin in and then use it to apply and blend my foundation and it just gives a really dewy, blended finish. It works great with heavier foundations too.

Benefit High Beam
This was definitely a June favourite. For the past 2 months I've really got into highlighters. I think I always thought highlighter would look silly and glittery for during the day but with the right highlighters it looks good. High Beam isn't the most natural highlighter but still a great product, this is a mini I got free with Glamour butI don't know if I'd pay £22 (?) for the full size.

Mac Cream Colour Base in Pearl (Swatches)
Poor High Beam got ditched when this little beauty came into my life. Pearl is more of a gold/champagne compared to High Beam which is more of a light pink pearl, so the gold works better with my skin. This can look natural but can be applied more heavily for a dramatic highlight.

Rimmel Clear Complexion Powder in Translucent
I'm embarrassed of the state of this, for some reason powders in a hard form like this always seem to get a hard coating on them after a while of using them - maybe its the oil from my brushes/face? I just have to scrape the hard layer off to get too the good stuff. Anyway great powder, so cheap, translucent so it doesn't make me look ghosty/orange and doesn't look powdery over foundation. My skin's not really oily I've just started using powder recently on my T-zone to take away the excess of shine and this powder doesn't make my skin look flat.

NYX Concealer Jar in Orange
I decided I needed to use this a bit more because I was lusting over the Bobbi Brown Corrector. Like the Bobbi Brown one, this uses the orange tones to counteract the blue/purple tones under the eyes but this one is more a pure orange colour. You only need a small amount on a blending/fluffy concealer brush to blend it in and then apply a normal concealer over the top. It does the job well but my dark circles are very blue - sadface.


Maybelline Colossal Waterproof Mascara 
A great waterproof mascara, I used this on holiday and it wasn't smudgy or flaky. It gives good volume and length too. 

Maybelline Colossal Cat Eyes Mascara (Review)
Also a great mascara, gives a lovely 'wispy' effect but can be built up for more drama.

Accessorize Lovely Day Palette (Pictures)
Again I used this loads on holiday, the warm gold colours are amazing and it has a mix of neutrals and brights.

Bourjois Smoky Effect Pencil In Smoked Brown
A creamy brown eye pencil with small red gold shimmer and a smudging brush on the end - ultimate addiction. I've really been into tight-lining at the moment and I've been using brown as always because it suits me so much more than black. This also looks amazing on the top lashline and on the waterline with gold eye shadows.

Rimmel Eye Brow Pencil
A latecomer for July favourites as I only bought this over a week ago but it's really good. Great price and colour for my skin/hair. The little brush on the lid is so handy too for brushing and blending the colour through.

Barry M Dazzle Dust in 39 Tan
A bronzey, tan loose shadow that I love across the lid or in the crease to add warmth. I thought it would be really messy but I use what's in the lid and make sure it's blended into the brush before putting it on my eye to stop it falling down my face. I really want to try some more of these because the colours are so interesting.


Sleek Blush By 3 in Pumpkin
These were limited edition but may still be available online or instore (I once asked if there was any more stock of the Sleek Contour kit and the assistant opened the drawer underneath the stand to reveal lots of limited edition products from past collections - wtf?). I thought that this one was Lace, the more toned down palette with a rose gold colour but this is actually really nice. It looks scary but when used sparingly or with a stipple brush, the colours are amazing.

Mac Blush Creme in Something Special
I've used this loads since I bought it a couple of months ago. The formula and colour are just what I was looking for so for me it was definitely worth it. Lovely natural peach colour with no glitter or shimmer - just a dewy glow.

ELF Studio Blusher In Peachy Keen
A peach coloured blush with a gold sheen/shimmer. I like to apply this over a peach busher to add a beautiful golden sheen but it could be a bit much if over-applied.

Sleek Contour Kit In Light
Serious Ultimate Addiction. I find it hard to put on make up and not use this product. I use this on an ELF Studio Stipple Brush on my temples, hollows of cheeks and neck to contour and brighten my face. I've allso been using it as well on the backs on my cheeks instead of a blusher. It's just perfect and I worry now I've hit pan in case it shatters or I finish it and everywhere is out of stock - oh dear.



Mac Sheen Supreme Lipstick In Blossom Culture (Swatches)
The perfect pink/peach glossy lipstick. End of.

17 Shine Lipstick in Beehive
The perfect nude/light peach glossy lipstick. If I had less lipsticks I would use this all the time, it's a very everyday colour.

Mac Lipstick in Shy Girl (Swatches and Dupe)
More of a peach colour than the other too. Goes really well with my skin tone and most make up looks.

Rimmel Colour Show Off Lipstick in Shake It Up Pink 020
It's hard to describe this lipstick, the colour is a light/medium pink and the formula isn't drying but is a satin finish. When I wear this it makes me feel like 'well put together', looks great with a good base and a neutral, matte eye.


Bourjois 3D Effect Lipgloss in Rose Pacific (Swatches/Review)
Another peach coloured product with a gold shimmer (see a theme?) but this time in lipgloss form.

Collection 2000 Lock n Hold Lipgloss in Break Dance (Swatches/Review)
A creamy, coral/electric peach coloured gloss.

Nivea SOS Lip Relief
I used to swear by Blistex Intensive Lip Cream but this has taken it's place. Instead of a cream, this is a glossier gel formula which can be worn alone or under/over other lip products whereas the Blistex one left too much of a white cast on my lips.


Rimmel 60 Seconds in Instyle Coral (NOTD)
Lovely coral/peach colour that applies great with the flat, wider brush and dries quickly. It does need 3 coats to look it's best but I find most polishes do.

Models Own Nail Polish in Tropical Sun
My favourite polish of this summer! Its so beautiful, a peachy orange colour with a gold sheen. A little sheer when applied so it needs 3-4 coats to build up to completely opaque (no nail line/shadow) but if you apply it over a coral, orange or peach it'll be more opaque and it enchances the base colour. Seriously beautiful, I'm really tempted by Indian Ocean from the same collection so I might treat myself to that because its so opaque.

Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover Pot (Review)
An easy-peasy way to remove nail polish.

Following monthly favourites won't be so long, I think two months + a holiday made me want to include more products but I'm still convinced I've missed some out! There will be more in-depth reviews to come as well as more swatches and NOTDs.

Love Georgia xxx

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