Thursday, 19 July 2012

Wishlist: 19/07/12

1. Cameo Rose High Waisted Wet Look Leggings - New Look - £12.99

Disco pants aren't for me, I tried them on and it wasn't a good look around my middle. I am however coming round to the idea of leather leggings worn with a long top or dress. I wouldn't wear these high waisted but I'd like to try them on and see if they lie nicer around the hips/middle than some leggings do.

2. Silver Handcuffs Necklace - minimummouse at Asos Marketplace - £5

Chloe (played by Krysten Ritter) in the show Don't Trust The B----- in Apartment 23 wears a similar necklace and I really like it. This necklace has freedom written on the handcuffs and it's so small that it would be perfect for everyday wear.

3. Sideways Cross Necklace in Gold - Black Tied - £18

Like everyone else who watches beauty videos on YouTube and/or reads blogs, I have lusted over the famous sideways cross necklace. Again this is so petite that I could wear it everyday and it's gold plated so it should last a while. I'm so close to getting both of these necklaces - naughty naughty.

Love Georgia xxx

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