Sunday, 8 July 2012

Something Spar-Kylie, Kardashian Colour - NOTD/Review

First up, apologies for the chipped nails on the picture, but it's part of the review.

I posted about buying this nail polish in this post and was so excited to try it out. Something Spar-Kylie is part of the Kardashian Kolor collection by Nicole by OPI and is a pink glitter polish with additional silver glitter and a sheer pink base.

I expected this polish to be a glitter like other ones I've tried (W7, Models Own) however I was disappointed. This polish is opaque glitter in 2 coats and over a base colour would probably only need one coat which is great for any glitter polish. The finish of this is what let it down in my eyes, the glitter, although dense, dries very gritty and is similar to if you'd dipped your nails in regular glitter. Your nails feel rough and unfortunately this makes them chip really easily - day 1 chipped, day 2 painted over chipped bits as I had work and within a few hours had chipped again. You can see the way it looks unchipped on my little finger nail - beautiful.

Overall I still love the way this polish looks but unfortunately for me it's not going to be polish I can use for day to day nails as it simply chips too easily. I would however like to use it for an individual glitter nail with my other nails painted in a different polish. I am however quite happy that I didn't get any of the other glitter shades as even reduced at £6 from £9 on ASOS, it still wouldn't be worth it.

Love Georgia xxx


  1. Huh, guess I'll be investing in a non glittery one then :) such a shame as the colour is lovely :( Thankyou for the review (and saving me £6)
    Jade xoxo

    1. I'm glad that I didn't cave in and get any more of the glitters because they looked so beautiful but probably are the same formula xx