Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Deichmann Studded Slipper Shoes: Topshop Dupes?

I picked these shoes up a few ago when I was on my way to work. A new shoe shop called Deichmann had just recently opened up in the Metro Centre when I was on the way to work and these shoes from the window made me stop and take a look inside. Even when I'd found my size, the queue was quite long so I risked being late for work to get these shoes - naughty!

I love anything with studs so I've been lusting over the Topshop studded slippers but at around £28 I couldn't part with the cash. These however were a bargainous £14.99. The outside is a black suede material and the studs are more of a dull, gunmetal colour rather than a bright silver. They're the perfect style of shoes to go with most outfits: dresses, jeans, shorts etc. They're very comfy although like most shoes, the backs will rub the first few times if worn without socks/tights.

I went back to the Deichmann shop on another day when I had more time for a proper look and seen that they had a great range of shoes at great prices. The shop itself is like a shoe warehouse shop, where the shoes are organised into their styles with all the sizes available underneath in their boxes ready to try on and take to the till. 

Oooh I love a bargain.

Love Georgia xxx


  1. I've wanted those Topshop slippers for sooo long too! These ones look like a fantastic dupe :) I can't believe more people haven't found your blog yet, it's really good! xxx

    1. Thank you :) that's such a lovely comment xx

  2. As some one who hates wearing heels and lives in flats, I love details like spikes/studs. Happy new Follow here hun, your blog is great:)
    Sara xx