Friday, 29 June 2012

Welcome Fellow Addicts

Hi and welcome to my blog: Georgia's Make-Up Addiction. As you can probably guess from the title I'm Georgia and this blog will display and document my make up addiction as well as my other addictions like fashion, nail polish, music, film, TV etc.

I recently turned 20 years old (29th June) and have finally decided to start a blog as I obviously love beauty but I also love writing and reading about it. I love to buy and try products so I'd love to be able to share my thoughts with others.

I'm currently studying for a degree in Advertising and Media and will be starting my third and final year in September (scary stuff) so I also thought this blog would be a great way to practice my writing and might help in the future when I'm looking for intern-ships and jobs, as they are notoriously hard to get in this area of work.

Obviously I would love it at some point if readers really loved and enjoyed reading my blog but at the moment, especially, I'm not expecting too much. I plan on blogging about things I love and really enjoying doing it, especially as I have a long summer break from university.

Small disclaimer: I'm not a highly skilled photographer and at the moment I'm using a quite average digital camera which has seen better days. I'm experimenting with the limited settings to work out the best light and macro settings so if photos are slightly blurry or badly lit - I'm sorry.

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